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The modern era: Pseudo-“secular,” State-indoctrinated Jewish exceptionalism, and the liberal technocrats and elites who perpetuate and enforce it

Editor’s note:

The following was culled from the comments section on The Occidental Observer blog in response to a post by Kevin MacDonald titled ‘My Daily Show Adventure.’

The commenter, one ‘Willy Whitten,’ made what I regarded to be some trenchant philosophical arguments and observations about both the character and nature of our current political dilemma, it’s technocratic enforcers, and what I would categorize as its Zionist (Jewish exceptionalist/supremacist) working hypothesis -- the subtext of our current political system that dare not speak its name.

His first comment caught my eye, and his reflexions only got more interesting from there:
'...keep in mind that the so-called “American Empire” is but a rebranding of the British Empire and still under the iron fist of the House of Rothschild.'
Of course, because of my own working hypothesis that a hidden and not-so-hidden Jewish exceptionalist/supremacist agenda on both the Left and Right, and being pursued and enforced by both Jews and Gentiles alike, is the primary root of America’s major political agenda (and troubles), ‘Willy Whitten’s’ comments resonated with me, and perhaps will resonate with readers of this blog as well.

I apologize for fashioning his comments together in a somewhat ham-handed manner that creates an impression of semi-incoherent, madly ricocheting, stream of consciousness thought, but such is the nature of attempting to shape reader comments and dialogue on a blog into a coherent political and philosophical essay, and anyway, my main goal was to arrange and preserve the comments for wider reflection.

For the original context of Whitten’s opinions and observations, please go to the original article and comments section. -- C.M.

(By Willy Whitten) -- Our world is built and works on the way we perceive it, which is a matter of structural habituation of thinking and doing.

The runes of statistical analysis are no more—no less than talismans in the modern paradigm than were the ancient runes of the Magi.

It doesn’t take a racket scientist to figure out what is going on in the world. But it does require a delusion smashing epiphany. A provision only found within oneself.

Paraphrasing Twain; Rumors of my “antisemitism” are greatly exaggerated. That I have the freedom of will and thought to address the issue of ‘Jewish Identity’ has distressed some. That is their own problem if they project their delusions onto what I have said.

My position is and has always been to judge on individual merit. I do not believe in consensus, it is a delusion in itself. It takes the greatest imagination to come even close to getting another’s perspective. Most agreements are built on emotion, not structural epistemological comprehension.

This is why investing our identity entirely within a group is an epistemic error. Contradictions are inevitable in any manner of ‘groupthink’ for the simple reason that we are first and foremost individual entities.

The very same core arguments I make about ‘White Christian Identity’ are the ones used to critique ‘Jewish Identity’, because the same core epistemic errors influence both—and any other identity cult, from tribal to national.

It is in all of our self interest to actually serve our own self interests, because it is in protecting them that protects all. It is the basis of the philosophy of Liberty. To allow each to protect his own, means adherence to our responsibility to general liberty as a base for our personal liberty.

It is our personal comprehension of this not a community comprehension—each and every individual needs to comprehend it on a deep personal level.

Again, consensus brings with it the caveat of being illusionary beyond the moment of agreement. A general consensus can only carry a vague general comprehension. Don’t be so sure that people understand a prospect from your perspective and understanding of it.

A wise saying is attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, he said, “Come out from amongst them”.

Your were born with a brain to think things out on your own. In that aspect then, ‘groupthink’ is a sin {error}. A ‘good conscience’, is an informed and attentive conscience, rational and lucid.

“To yourself be true,” it is said. To do that you must know yourself.

You have a unique identity beyond any group. Come out from amongst them.


A diploma is nothing but a pace of paper with fancy squiggles applied. I don’t buy into...appeals to authority and conformist jangle.

As far as our “perceptions” are concerned, in general they are the result of the scientific perception manipulations of social engineering–and this is especially true of the academic bean counters and dogma chanters...

Perhaps I am a Racket Scientist, but I am a free thinker, self taught and rational individual. I need no 101 lessons on epistemology, psychology, history, philosophy, sociology, or intelligence analysis from anyone. I have been at this for more than 40 years.

When I read that I hold, “a commonly held and repeated false belief”, written by some [technocrat pedagogue] blow hard on a blog, I seek not to verify their credentials but to deconstruct their message [which] seems to be primarily “I am smarter than anyone else here, so let me tell you how things really are.”

[Technocrats pedagogues] also promote the “false belief” that academia presents anything other that the popular mythology grown by social engineers like the scum in a petri dish.

Of course there are passable technical skills taught to doctors and dentists [but] this is not the issue we discuss.

[Technocrat pedagogues] speak as if [they] have some special perspective on “reality”–that [they] KNOW what it is. And yet every moment you experience is in the now, while you can only “believe” in the past. The mere belief that the past is past and the future is yet to come is an assumption.

You see and experience yourself and all you perceive modulate and change, you react to it, you come to judgments and conclusions, and you “believe” in them.

But the reality, your actual experience always takes place in the now. And [technocrats] have failed to see the significance in [their] own nature of experience. Rather [they] “believe” in some story [they] make up in [their] own head[s] as to what is happening.

That is what is going on with EVERYONE. They are just stories. You are here right now.

H L Mencken:

“Consider [the pedagogue] in his highest incarnation: the university professor. What is his function? Simply to pass on to fresh generations of numskulls a body of so-called knowledge that is fragmentary, unimportant, and, in large part, untrue. His whole professional activity is circumscribed by the prejudices, vanities and avarices of his university trustees, i.e., a committee of soap-boilers, nail manufacturers, bank-directors and politicians. The moment he offends these vermin he is undone. He cannot so much as think aloud without running a risk of having them fan his pantaloons.”

Just because I drew you into the bottom line of the principles of uncertainty does not mean that I live in that bubble as a matter of human existence. I simply wanted to state the bottom line.

For analysis I use the classical instruments of critical reasoning, as I presume you do. I also pay close attention to intuition, for imagination plays a great role as a superconscious source of inspiration–but such must be checked against data and facts and not let go as the master of your thinking.

Epistemological introspection. Such as do I know what I know and how I know it? or have I uncritically accepted some foundational credo? One must investigate ones own thinking as critically as any other aspect.

The fact that we cannot be certain in absolute terms, doesn’t mean we cannot have a working hypothesis that actually takes us forward.

We could get into the etymology of the word “belief”, which derives from the Sanskrit, “Belava”…which would leave us firmly committed to editing the word from out lexicon; as the word originally indicates the jejune, the childlike reBELlion, the war {bellum} against ava {Eve, nurture, mother, nature, wisdom...etc.

But we have accepted the word into our modern vocabulary on “softened” terms. Yet however, I am wary of it’s uses and implications always.

True knowledge is the known which is understood–as to how it is we have come to known it. All else is hypothesis based on the whole of that knowledge, and restructuring as new information verifies or disparages old.


Yes “gut” is the intuition I speak of. It is a martial art, in truth. That means it must be taught kata, focus and chi.

You wouldn;t want to turn quickly and punch a cactus would you?

To know thine enemy one must first know thine self.

“When standing still be like a mirror. When moving like water.”~Bruce Lee


I do not critique ‘socialism’ merely from an economic perspective. The major danger and true evil of socialism is the absolute necessity for the absolute state to practice such a system.

[Technocrat pedagogues] do not comprehend that the Soviet state was designed, created, and funded by Wall Street and the Fabians, that “socialism” is and has always been a ploy by the power elite to draw the teaming masses back into a feudal grip.


[Technocrat pedagogues] feel [they] have some function in the panoptic maximum security state that Amerika has become.

[They will take umbrage] at being ‘talked back to’ by one of the inmates. And of course this pleases me greatly, as [the are] nothing more than a pathetic majordomos, shills, and stooges for despotism.

I understand of course that [they will] see this as a behavioral problem on my part. That [they pose as] “only here to help”...if I could only understand that “it’s for my own good”...and all the other psychobabble yada yada [they] spew so effortlessly.

As far as I am concerned [they] are the ones who [are] crazy as a shithouse rats — ala Mengele, Skinner, and all the other ‘behaviorist’ lunatics haunting this planet.


As [has been said] 'the power elite and its “intellectuals” are comprised of some very sick people, and many of them are so insane, they have no idea how sick and deluded they truly are.'


“Should we live in a free/unregulated society letting ‘choice’ and caveat emptor reign?” [ask the technocrat pedagogues].

I’d rather that than the rat cage [they] espouse. How well is this society working out? Have [they] thought THAT through?

What does it mean to be well adjusted in a pathological society?

...the base line of [their] social engineering, and is the main culprit in this madhouse [they] call “civilization”.

...realize that “our” dentists, taught by academic system, have been using mercury amalgams for fillings for the past 50 years–poisoning countless victims and leading to a pandemic of alzheimers in the old and autism in the young, by buttressing this with fluoridation, another poison discovered as useful in subduing inmates in the Nazi camps by the IG Farbin ghouls during WWII.

I could go on and mention the mercury content of vaccines, the creation of AIDS by the AMA in league with the military biowarfare labs...

But this will all bounce off of [their] preconditioned zombie brain. It is futile to argue with a Mr. Potato Head.


“dysgenesis” is Newspeak in that it defines itself in a veiled manner, as the dysfunction in societies is not a matter of genetics, but one of brutal trauma imposed from without. The ‘statistical data’ is geared to the theory and supports it in a circular pattern, much like the workings of scripture in religion. In dogmatic systems such as the present technocratic despotic state, thus the practitioners themselves are of the most fervent ‘believers’ in the synthetic mythology built as an occult structure to facade the truth of the tyrannical state.

This is not an argument about the benefit of the scientific method, nor a tract against reason, but in fact the exact opposite. The fact of the panoptic maximum security state is self evident. Those who deny this are either, in denial, or they are agents of that state. Both will make essentially the same argument, that the problems of society are the result of just bumbling through history while “shit happens”–the coincidence theory of history. But there is the fallback position of “divine destiny” in other instances. Every explanation is like peeling an onion, plausible explanations, limited hangouts, etc. What is being masked is what is totally obvious if you simply pays attention; everything is planned. Things are as they are precisely because they were planned that way.

Which brings us back to “dysgenesis”.

When one uses a systems approach to analyze the architecture of modern political power, the real history of the evolution of that power reveals the planning for a powerful central world government in great detail. As we discover the only way to successfully predict the future is to engineer it. And it is in the Royal Society of Britain that we find these theories of eugenics arising with the Elder Darwin. We discover that all of these theories are not without an agenda, that is it is not pure science, but the scientific method put to political purpose and fudged for social control, The first rule of power is to maintain power. Thought is given to nothing else until that prerogative is secure. The theory of dysgenesis is a part of this same agenda in that it sets our to define what is good and evil about the human being. It is not surprising the the assumptions are that those defining the terms hold themselves up as the apex of creation.

And so it is that I began with the concept of Newspeak, which is the Orwellian deconstruction of political language. It is political language that supports the supposedly “scientific” term ‘dysgenesis’. It hides a design as a diagnosis.


Again; Dysgenesis is DESIGN masquerading as DIAGNOSIS.

Intelligence Tests are culturally biased to the cultural criteria that designs the test. The culture that designs the tests are NOT the larger society but the cultural elite of that society. So we are dealing with an elitist culture defining what the proper human being is, and this is obviously simply a self portrait.
But when we look at the larger society based on such criteria, we do not see justice in practice, although justice is given lip service as being of the highest virtue. By the same token generosity is praised rhetorically and molded into an appearance, but not manifested in policy.

It may be said that there is simple hypocrisy at play here, but it is a fact that it is systemic hypocrisy, callous hubris.

What are the proven effects of malnutrition at young age and even throughout lifetimes? Is it not proven that it not only affects physical development but mental development as well? But with such aspects as malnutrition come other cultural disadvantages as well, access to medical care, unsanitary conditions, and very often regimentation into ‘camp’ style living conditions, or ghetto situations, and the “teaming masses” syndrome when transition from agrarian to urban systems are imposed.

These are issues that go back as far as the city states, and the structures of empires. The deconstruction of the historically evident rules of political power, and the application of these in the analysis of the present era reveals much more than the surface analysis of the myths maintaining that power.


Identifying the elite and heavy Jewish faction thereof, is a necessity of any who would be free of debt slavery and statist despotism. But [those who] call for right into the hands of the enemy...the height of political foolishness.

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