Friday, January 21, 2011

Better there than here: Fascinating political and sociological snapshot of tribalist Jewry in its natural habitat

Unsettling Ideas/ From the mouth of the beast

(YouTube) -- by FreewebsLeichik --


Chris Moore comments:

"Former Republicans, Democrats, Likud..."

Well, at least these former Jewish-Americans show the courage of their convictions, unlike the cynical and cowardly diaspora Jewish nationalists and Zionists who betray their countries of residence (host countries) in order to pursue the Israel-first and Jewish supremacist agenda to the political, economic, and social detriment of their gentile neighbors.

And these Israeli Zionists said it themselves: "We no longer need aid from America, and we need our own political freedom as a sovereign state...we have Hashem, we have God...We're able to stand on our own two feet. I think we need to be able to trust in Hashem, trust in ourselves that we are God's people."

Hence these perpetually scheming, gutless diaspora Zionists and their gentile lackeys are actually getting in the way of their Jewish God's plan...or trying to play the Jewish God themselves.

Maybe the lot of them should take their Yahweh and leave. Jesus knows the world would be a better place for it.

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