Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Chosen Race: Leading Zionist rabbi says non-Jews and half-Jews genetically inferior

'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'

(YNet) -- by Kobi Nahshoni --

Rabbi Dov Lior, a senior authority on Jewish law in the Religious Zionism movement, asserted recently that a Jewish woman should never get pregnant using sperm donated by a non-Jewish man – even if it is the last option available.

According to Lior, a baby born through such an insemination will have the "negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews." Instead, he advised sterile couples to adopt.

Lior addressed the issue during a women's health conference held recently at the Puah Institute, a fertility clinic. His conservative stance negated a ruling widely accepted by rabbis, which states that sperm donated by a non-Jew is preferable to that of an anonymous Jew, who might pose a genealogical risk.

"Sefer HaChinuch (a book of Jewish law) states that the character traits of the father pass on to the son," he said in the lecture. "If the father in not Jewish, what character traits could he have? Traits of cruelty, of barbarism! These are not traits that characterize the people of Israel."

Lior added identified Jews as merciful, shy and charitable – qualities that he claimed could be inherited. "A person born to Jewish parents, even if they weren't raised on the Torah – there are things that are passed on (to him) in the blood, it's genetic," he explained. "If the father is a gentile, then the child is deprived of these things.

"I even read in books that sometimes the crime, the difficult traits, the bitterness – a child that comes from these traits, it's no surprise that he won't have the qualities that characterize the people of Israel," he added...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Yet more proof a major subtext of World War II was "The Chosen" race and its crypto-Zionist, Bolshevik ideology vs. "The Aryan" race and its Nazi ideology, or largely a race war between Judeofascists and Nazis.

Interesting that the U.S. elected to come in on the side of the Jewish racists. Shouldn't these racists and their evil ideologies (Bolshevism/Zionism vs. Nazism) have been allowed to beat one another to a pulp, like the Hutus and the Tutsis? Why did we want to get blood on our hands intervening on behalf of one racist side or the other? Perhaps it had something to do with New York Jewish bankers and other Jewish-American race war agitators unilaterally declaring war on Germany in 1933 in order to drag Americans into their tribal race struggle.

As Karl Marx's Jewish Zionist guru noted way back in in the mid 1800's "The race struggle is the primal one, and the class struggle secondary. The last dominating race [standing in the way of Jewry] is the German."

Duped Americans took care of that problem for Jewry, didn't they, just like they're being hoodwinked into taking care of Jewry's race war against Arabs and Muslims.

Us poor, dumb, ignorant goy Americans, blundering our way around the world, sacrificing our own children for a network of Judeofascists racists and their satanic leviathan agenda to rule the world. When will we ever learn? May God have mercy on our souls.

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