Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Perpetual agitators, warmongers and troublemakers: Jewish state persists in fanatical efforts to spark another U.S. Mideast war

Netanyahu: Only 'credible' military threat led by U.S. can stop nuclear Iran

Premier tells foreign correspondents that such a threat is necessary but need not be used once in place.
(Haaretz) -- by News Agencies --

Only the convincing threat of military action headed by the United States will persuade Iran to drop plans to build an atomic bomb, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday.

Speaking to foreign journalists, he said that although the latest round of international sanctions were hurting Iran, they would not be enough to force a u-turn on nuclear weapons.

"You have to ratchet up the pressure and ... I don't think that this pressure will be sufficient to have this regime change course without a credible military option that is put before them by the international community led by the United States," he said...

Netanyahu also bemoaned the influence Iran exerted on the whole Middle East, suggesting it was a potential impediment to any peace deal between Israel and its northern neighbor, Syria.

"There is a very strong relationship between Syria and Iran and I don't see any clear willingness on the part of Syria to break that relationship. That is another consideration whether things can actually move forward," he said...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

These mentally deranged Judeofascists simply aren't content unless they're engaged in some sort of self-serving political and social agitation or warmongering. Anyone who professes to be "anti-war" or to want "world peace" without addressing the Judeofascist question and their propensity towards insatiable greed and violence is either deluded or fraudulent.

When the West is finally ready to get serious about ending global conflict, the first place it must turn its focus is on these pathological Judeofascist agitators and their Left-Right coddlers both in the Levant and in the diaspora. Until it is willing to do so, professions about wanting "peace on earth" and "world harmony" are mere meaningless, empty platitudes by empty-headed cowards.

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