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Daniel Bell, yet another liberal-capitalist Establishment-promoted Jewish intellectual who always kept an eye on "Is it good for the Jews?"

Daniel Bell and Jewish ethnic networking

(The Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

The death of Daniel Bell is another one of those moments when you get a glimpse of how the world works. Writing in Slate, Jacob Weisberg recalls his fond memories of the great man. It’s a totally Jewish reminiscence. As a student, Weisberg wrote a letter to Bell. Bell responded, inviting Weisberg “for a ”nosh’” — “over lox and bagels” as we later find out.

In other words, Bell and Weisberg made a Jewish connection right off the bat. Indeed, Bell lived his intellectual life in pretty much an entirely Jewish milieu. The article mentions Dwight MacDonald, Irving Howe, Alfred Kazin, Clement Greenberg, William Phillips, and Irving Kristol. Only MacDonald was not Jewish, and he stood out like a sore thumb. One writer labeled him “a distinguished goy among the Partisanskies”–a reference to Partisan Review, the flagship journal of the New York Intellectuals. A New York Times article on Bell’s death, written by Michael Kaufman, also mentions (in addition to Kristol, Howe, and Kazin) David Brooks, Seymour Martin Lipset, Nathan Glazer and another solitary distinguished goy, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. When Bell held forth at his Harvard soirees with what Weisberg calls his “yiddishkeit wisecrackings,” he could be quite confident that pretty much everyone would be on page.

An important theme of Jewish intellectual movements is the guru phenomenon, where Jewish intellectuals are surrounded by adoring acolytes like charismatic rabbis in traditional Jewish society. Weisberg was enthralled by his mentor’s brilliance as he held forth at his residence in Cambridge not far from where he taught at Harvard:
I doubt I’ve since heard conversation of that quality—ranging across political literature, the sociology of intellectuals, and the history of various left-wing splits, all spiced with Yiddishkeit wisecracking. Bell was at once a stunningly original mind, an ironic observer of the scene around him, and a genial gossip. To call his memory prodigious would do him an injustice...

If I were to revisit the subject of the New York intellectuals today, I’d make the case that Bell, who died this week at the age of 91, was not only the greatest mind in the group but one of the genuinely important American thinkers of the 20th century.
Yes, Bell is right up there with Einstein, Freud, and Boas in the Jewish pantheon of 20th-century intellectuals–adored and promoted by co-ethnics with prominent positions in the media or academic world...

On the surface, Bell seems like a White American, right down to his inconspicuous and not-at-all Jewish last name (changed from Bolotsky when he was 13). (Here’s another Daniel Bell, a swimmer from New Zealand.)

But he relates to others primarily on the basis of whether they are Jews. A letter from Jacob Weisberg is treated very differently than one from someone with a goyische last name, and it’s only natural that they nosh over lox and bagels.

On the other hand, when interacting with a non-Jew, Bell poses as a secular intellectual, someone who’s “just like you” –someone who is dispassionately grappling with sociological questions...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

This is perhaps one of the most nauseating characteristics of diaspora Jewish intellectual networks. They pose in public as if they are earnestly and objectively searching for answers and justice, meanwhile nearly every pronouncement, finding or conclusion is calculated through the sub textual lens of “Is it good for the Jews?” -- which is nearly always their true bottom line.

Gentile liberals, meanwhile, blunder along with nary a thought about is It good for the Whites, or Is it good for the Christians, or Is it good for average Americans and their families, and then stand there with mouths agape when it turns out Jewry was calculating its own interests all along, and “somehow” ends up running so many elite institutions for its own benefit and at the expense of the entire society. They then shake their heads and say something congratulatory like “Wow, you’ve got to hand it to those Jews, they sure are clever.”

Conservative Christian Zionists have a corollary, shaking their heads and saying “Wow, look at God’s chosen people go.”

In both cases, I think the congratulatory reaction is pride and ego-driven, with each side not wanting to admit to itself that its comprised of nothing but intellectual rubes who’ve been hoodwinked by Jewry yet again.

When are these idiots going to learn? Or perhaps the corrupt statist-liberal-capitalist system has acclimated them to accept society’s enslavement by Jewry. But gee, it sure would have been nice if they’d checked with younger generations before selling them into slave bondage to the Jews and then acting like it was all inevitable anyway.

What utter fools and cowards.


I think it’s fair to say contemporary America has devolved into a kind of heir to the British Empire, with similarly nakedly base motives.

I think its also fair to say in some ways it’s an accidental Empire that earned its mantle by winning WWII and later the Cold War, and became THE global superpower by means of design, attrition and momentum.

Indeed, we might have remained a somewhat benign superpower as we were in the ashes of WWII indefinitely and even dismantled enough of the Empire to keep America solvent after the Cold War had we listened to guys like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan. Instead, insatiable, supremacist Jewry was allowed to get its hooks in up and down the Establishment, and look at us now.

Getting deceived and hoodwinked into the Iraq war and war against Islam by our corrupt elites (not to mention the likelihood that 9/11 was an inside job) are exactly the kinds of black ops and political machinations and intrigue that follow Jewry around like a bad odor. They are a people in permanent revolution against the Christian order, against Gentile order, against any kind of non-Jewish moral order.

Not coincidentally, certain insane Jewish neoliberal sociopaths like George Soros and Thoms Friedman view China as a model for America to follow. Something about these people just loves the idea of using an all powerful state to subdue and subjugate humanity in its entirety. It makes one wonder if they’re in some kind of totalitarian pact with the devil.

Daniel Bell, looking out for Jewish interests while feigning to be on an objective intellectual voyage in search of sociological truth

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Chu said...

Daniel Bolotsky: "...the outward life of an American and the inward secret of the Jew. "

This duality is the most troubling- this secret of their special shared ethnic identity. The arrogance multiplies in a room full of them. Just live in the nyc and often you'll see the clear reality of it - the mask comes off.
They're somewhat proud of this duality, if that makes sense. The rest of the country are fools, hicks, cant be trusted to vote, etc. It's no doubt treachery, But if your climbing the ladder, then you better laugh along with the group.