Monday, January 31, 2011

Israel sends secret cables to Western world leaders demanding they prop up Egyptian dictator Mubarak and stop "pandering to public opionion"

Israel sends SOS to world leaders to "save" Mubarak .

(Middle East Monitor) -- by Quds press service --

Hebrew newspaper sources have revealed the existence of an "urgent" message sent by the Israeli government at the end of last week to a number of world leaders. Aimed particularly at the US and the EU, Israel is appealing to the leaders to "save" Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

In its 31 January Hebrew edition, Haaretz said that the Israeli government has resorted to sending secret communications to a number of world leaders in which it has stressed the importance of Egypt's stability to the security and stability of the region as a whole. The messages also call for restraint in public criticism of Mubarak. Political sources in Israel highlight the importance of Egypt's stability for the Zionist state, suggesting that any "fundamental" change in the Cairo regime would lead to an "upheaval in the notion of Israeli security"

Following official statements issued by a number of western states, including one which asserts, "The west is weary of the Mubarak regime", the Israeli government was quick to send out its messages through its embassies around the world.

Haaretz also confirmed that the Israelis have rejected the American and European positions with regard to developments in Egypt which call for greater respect for human rights and democracy. Tel Aviv believes that "Washington and the European Union are pandering to public opinion and are not considering their real interests."

It is expected that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel today; their meeting will focus on the situation in Egypt...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The "pro democracy" affectations of the Jewish state and its fanatical international supporters continues to slip and their true anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and elitist-authoritarian character and nature are increasingly revealed for the world to see with every move they make.

Why is populism such a threat to Zionism and its ideological partners? Because the average People around the world from America to Egypt have major and legitimate grievances against corrupt and corrupting Judeofascism and its works (like the Israel Lobby, the reign of Mubarak at the behest of Israel, general Jewish supremacism) and the Zionists know it; indeed, the People have correctly identified Judeofascism as the braintrust of the totalitarian Moloch, constantly plotting to suppress freedom, sovereignty and self-determination at the imposition of Jewish supremacism and elitist authoritarianism, and using a pseudo-"secular" leviathan state as their corrupt enabler and bodyguard.

So much for Israel's Left-Right supporters being able to pass themselves off as advocates of liberty, democracy, and self-determination. It looks to me like they're anti-American, racially supremacist authoritarians who who want the state to continue to subsidize and enforce their "elite" status into perpetuity.**

Ironic, isn't it? Only in the corrupt, post-Christian Western society could such base, bottom of the barrel liars, schemers, murderers, money worshippers and cynics be elevated to "elite" status.

Justin Raimondo calls this upside down state of affairs "Bizzaro World." I call it reign of the Elitist-Collectivist Zionist anti-Christ.

**In America, discrimination is theoretically illegal, but is actually widely practiced -- Jewish supremacist discrimination.

Three quick examples:

1) The Jewish dominated Fed funnels America’s financial resources to Jewish dominated Fed-connected Wall Street banks via easy commissions on the sale of bonds, the right to create credit out of thin air (fractional banking), low interest Fed window loans, etc. These Wall Street banks then ship some of their “profits” (essentially taxpayer-gifted money) off to Jewish Zionist politicians who will advance Jewish interests, Jewish dominated Hollywood to underwrite Jewish-agenda television and movies, low-interest loans to Jewish-agenda mainstream media and Jewish-dominated corporations, etc.

2) In America, there is a U.S. State Department Office of Anti-Semitism, but no office of Anti-Christianism (despite the fact that Communism explicitly targeted and murdered millions of Christians in the 20th Century), no office of Anti-Islamicism, no office of anti-Buddhism, etc.

3) Aid to Israel, summarized by Alison Weir: “While direct foreign is a relatively small percentage of the overall federal budget, when one considers the related expenditures and costs, the quantity becomes far larger. Economist Thomas R. Stauffer, analyzing the cost of Israel to the American economy, found that a nation of a few million people had cost Americans $3 trillion. And that didn’t even include the gargantuan economic and human costs of the Iraq war, largely a result of Israel partisans in the government and media pushing for a US attack.”

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Chu said...

I think Mubarak will remain in power, given the US's commitment to the Jewish State.But we'll see. What ever happened to the former US mantra, 'spreading freedom'? I think this case should apply even for Hillary and Barak. Aren't they in a pickle...

(The quick example no.1 reminds me of the class pyramid.)

I think we will start to see a lot more of these articles as Israel feels the pressure from all sides:
Suddenly the imaginary left in Israel will reappear from the 90% that supported Cast Lead.