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Diaspora Judeofascist-Left vs. Israeli Judeofascist-Right: a fracture based on moral principle, or a disagreement on means to an end?

Imperial Jews and International Jews

(Occidental Observer) -- by Matt Parrott --

Michael Colhaze’s recent Wikileaks Leaks article highlighted a growing rift within the global Jewish community, with the “Heebies” and “Izzies” increasingly at odds over strategies, tactics, and even goals. Shortly after that post was published, the Egyptian protests have blown that rift wide open, making it more apparent than ever. This dichotomy between Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is the single greatest fault line in the Jewish world. Given their out-sized leverage and influence, it’s perhaps the most consequential political fault line in the contemporary world.

This rift within Jewry is as old as the Group Evolutionary Strategy itself. In traditional Eastern Europe, there was an insular core of ultra-religious Jews in shtetls who spent most of their time studying the Torah, as well as a subset that interfaced with the non-Jewish population. From the moneylenders of yesteryear through the Madoffs of today, this small core of wealthy and worldly Jews have played a pivotal role in supporting the reproductive core of inward-looking Jews, resulting in a two-pronged reproductive strategy where one component is highly fertile and the other has low fertility and high-investment.

The same basic pattern has replicated itself on a global scale — with Israel emerging as a sort of sovereign globo-ghetto. and the Jewish communities of Western Europe and America becoming vast reservoirs of wealthy and worldly Jews who are a substantial component of the financial, academic and media elite throughout the West. Both sub-communities have been more successful than ever in the wake of WWII, but they’ve been growing increasingly alienated from one another.

Within Israel, what was ostensibly the humble pursuit of a Jewish homeland has metastasized into a worldview and political agenda that is imperial and explicitly supremacist. Meanwhile, the Jews scattered throughout the nations of the West have become secular and barren exemplars of the leftist counterculture that is hostile to the traditional people and culture of America and the West. They’re too smart to believe in their God, too busy to visit the synagogue and go through the motions, and disinclined to marry among their own. They’re choking on the vices of Marxism, atheism, humanism, and liberalism — eating their own dog food. Their way of life is unsustainable, but they are a very large component of the elite throughout the West, and they use their elite status, among other way, to support their more traditional brethren in Israel.

The Diaspora Jewish community is under long term pressure as the natural checks that hold Tradition in place are removed. Devoid of hormesis, America’s Jewish community faces a “Silent Holocaust” that poses a greater existential threat than the other one — a major theme of John Glad’s recently published Jewish Eugenics. There’s little if any real anti-Semitism to scare them back into the herd. The rabbinate is helpless against the temptations of modernity, sounding increasingly shrill and out-of-touch in the contemporay Western world.

What we’re seeing in Egypt and what we’ll see much more of in the future is the growing tension between Israel’s Imperial Jews and America’s International Jews. The Egyptian situation pits Israel’s parochial interest in propping up a dictatorship against American Jewry’s romantic embrace of the revolutionary democratic spirit. It forces the Jews to choose between what’s good for Israeli Jews and what’s good for American Jews, splitting the “What’s good for the Jews?” equation that traditionally united them. Within American politics, this will play out along partisan lines, with a GOP dominated by a small outpost of Zionist Jews allied with Christian Zionists pitted against the Democrats dominated by a large and growing reservoir of idealistic “JINOs” who see Israel’s aggressive realpolitik as an affront to their “open society” shtick, one that threatens to fuel anti-Semitic sentiment among their non-Jewish neighbors...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

In most cases, I don't think the ethnocentric Diaspora Jewish racket (what I call the Judeofascist-Left) has too many real moral qualms with the Israeli Jewish Zionist racket (what I call the Judeofascist Right), given that their organized agenda of subversion and subjugation is the same racket whether inside or outside of the Levant; what actually disturbs Diaspora Jewry most is that Israeli Jewry has become an easily identifiably Jewish set of...well, Judeofascists. The Diaspora Jews can't deny the Israeli Jews are Jewish, and can increasingly no longer deny they're fascist.

Indeed, Israeli Zionist Jewry has basically taken off the mask and is parading around and actually bragging about what it truly is (e.g. “Racism Originated in the Torah” say Israeli Rabbis).

This prevents the Diaspora Judeofascists from convincingly passing themselves off as "liberals" and "progressives," and hence is undermining the epic, millennial organized Jewish agenda of swindle, subjugation and murder by revealing to the world the fascist character and heretofore hidden agenda of institutional supremacy being undertaken by ethnocentric organized Jewry in nearly its entirety, whether inside the Levant or out.


F.S. [in article comments]: “Diaspora Jews can easily suppress information on Israeli racial outbursts by simply not reporting them.”

Yes, this is how they were able to get away with papering over the true character of the Jewish state for years, but the Internet has changed all that. They no longer have the near monopoly on mass communications they once enjoyed.

F.S.: “Europeans and European-Americans have long been conditioned to disregard race, so when they hear about Israeli racism they will consider Israelis to be a different nationality from the nice, kind Jews in their homelands, even though they aren’t.”

Again, the Internet is changing the mainstream media-manufactured myth of “the nice, kind Jews” of the Diaspora. Jewish neocons. Jewish banksters. Jewish corporatist sharks. Jewish Hollywood sleaze peddlers. Jewish shyster lawyers. Complaints about these all-too-true stereotypes are all over the Internet.

Sooner or later even Joe Six Pack and Dweeb Dave are going to say to themselves, “Hey, these predatory Jewish networks are an awful lot like those predatory Jews in Israel.” In fact, it’s already starting to happen in spades, which is why Diaspora Jewry is so nervous.

Cognizance of the Jewish Zionists is kind of like cognizance of the Jewish Bolsheviks. Networking, supremacist, Diaspora Jewry can no longer be dismissed or defended as a tiny, vulnerable, innocuous minority, but rather increasingly gets viewed as the dangerous, even lethal political and social threat that it truly is.


HuckabeeFraud [in article comments]: “In America, [organized Jewry] have already mostly lost all of the non-Jewish left.”

Tell that to the Democratic Party, which elects them at a higher rate than any other ethno-interest.

And ALL of the Jewish Democrats in Congress are tenacious Israel supporting Jewish Zionists.

That’s another reason Israel is becoming an Achilles heel for American Jewry; their politicians can hardly hold forth on the crucial imperative of American liberalism at the same time as they’re voting fascist Israel billions in aid annually, and providing it a blank check politically and diplomatically.


White’s Unite [in article comments]: “resist the temptation to use Israel as a whipping boy for the sins of diaspora Jews…don’t let liberals and libertarians use you as a pawn for the Arabs against Israel.”

I don’t see Rand Paul calling for an end to aid for Israel and continued aid to Arabs. I see him calling for an end to aid for all of them. How is that being a pawn for the Arabs?

It seems to me your position is more likely to make Whites a pawn for Zionists — which is the current status-quo.

IMO, the “White Zion” types are just as politically clueless as the Christian Zionists, and just as likely to be played for fools in the end, just as the Christian Zionists have been played.

I think we all should agree on the fact that totalitarian Jewry is public enemy #1, and the rest can be hashed out after they’ve been taken down. There’s no question that everyone agrees that the current corrupt, pro-Zionist, anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-libertarian, anti-freedom Big Government Establishment status-quo is ultimately untenable for Whites, and unless stopped, will likely sooner or later resort to the gulag.

Right now, arguing between White nationalism, White consciousness, Christianity, libertarianism is like gulag inmates squabbling over how they will rule once they break out of prison.

Job #1 should be ending the Zionist status-quo.

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