Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of common pedigree, the many noxious parallels between Communism and Zionism

"The mashiach [Jewish messiah] will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15)...The world after the messiah comes is often referred to in Jewish literature as Olam Ha-Ba (oh-LAHM hah-BAH), the World to Come...In the Olam Ha-Ba, the whole world will recognize the Jewish G-d as the only true G-d, and the Jewish religion as the only true religion (Isaiah 2:3; 11:10; Micah 4:2-3; Zechariah 14:9)." -- From "Mashiach: The Messiah", Judaism 101

(By Chris Moore) -- As demonstrated by the paragraph above, Zionists and international Communists both agree that world government is desirable, they only disagree about who should run it, and who should be its primary beneficiaries. Judeofascists want the power and perks for themselves and the Jewish people, the Commies want the power and perks for the Party and socialist elite.

In fact, the Judeofascists originally tried to implement world government via Communism and the Soviet Union and went about bashing Russian Christians the way they are bashing Muslims today, only to an even more murderous extent. That effort ultimately failed, and so they moved into the West and into Israel, infiltrated Western institutions, and are today spearheading their Jewish supremacist agenda from both the U.S. and Israel.

This background, that Communism was originally implemented primarily by Jewish Bolsheviks to secretly serve Jewish interests, and the additional fact that the intellectual idea of Communism itself was dreamed up primarily by two Jews (Moses Hess and Karl Marx), is why Communism and Zionism so closely resemble one another in terms of delusions of grandeur and supremacy, ambitions for world domination, brutality, love of mass ethnic cleansing and transfer, antipathy for Christianity and Islam, subversive infiltration and intrigue, secret agents and manipulation from within governments, etc.

Yet, there are still plenty of Jews who cling to the messianic-socialism model of world government.

The Jewish leftist Noam Chomsky, for example, like a lot of other old socialist Jews, is conflicted about whether he is a Judeofascist-socialist first (hence his inclination to excuse the Jewish state’s crimes by claiming Israel is merely America's attack dog) or whether he is a messianic-socialist first who should let go of his Jewish identity entirely. He used to be able to have it both ways.

Unlike the conflicted Chomsky, and recognizing that Zionism is now a rival ideology unto itself, many contemporaneous leftists have lately made common cause with certain Muslims against the Zionists, but this surely can’t last due to leftism’s utter contempt for religion -- this contempt itself being a holdover characteristic from when its Jewish originators were operating as “secularists.”

Indeed, Zionism is basically Jewry taking off the mask and dropping the Communist pretense and P.R. campaign of secularism, social justice, and claims of aiming towards a classless and stateless society of common ownership, and finally more or less admitting it is a Jewish supremacist ideology (even though the Zionist Jews haven't yet admitted they still seek to use an authoritarian, international Big Government to impose their supremacist ideology upon the world).

Contemporary Communism is basically the same messianic, supremacist ideology, but it still persists in the pretenses and phony P.R., and is working to assert the supremacy of the Party and socialist elite instead of the Jews.

Most Commies and leftists are too arrogant and haughty to know it or admit it, but they’re basically nothing but obsolete, programmed little Jewbots operating under the guise and phony pretense of intellectualism and scientific objectivity, but which Jewry no longer has any use for.

They’re kind of like junked out droids who, as they are winding down, still spiel tired, dated slogans and propaganda coded long ago by Jewish programmers, but that most people now easily recognize as outmoded.

Supremacist Jewry always was the impetus and energy behind Communism anyway, and it's now moved on to the more financially and politically sophisticated swindle of Zionism. And too, with the Zionist swindle, Jewry can finally let down its hair and be itself instead of being forced to feign some sympathy or affection for the non-Jewish masses and their historic plight. It, and Communism, never really sympathized anyway.

Now the Judeofascists don't have to pretend anymore, while the Communists and leftists are still shackled with their "social justice" affectations.

After murdering millions of Christians and Asians over the course of its reign of terror, that the left can still get away with casting itself as pursuing "social justice" is about as sick as Jewish Zionist claims that they are pursuing the interests of Arab and Islamic human rights and women's rights in the Middle East.

In both cases, their chutzpah and cynicism has no bottom.

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