Friday, February 18, 2011

The U.S. is not mired in the Middle East for oil, but rather for swindling, self-serving, ideological Globalism and Zionism

(By Chris Moore, -- Pat Buchanan recently wrote a column listing the litany of U.S. policy and war failures in the Middle East, and their corresponding consequences, which have led to domino revolts and demands for sovereignty and self-determination across the territory, mostly in in nations festering under the yoke of American and Israeli (Zionist) hegemony for so long.

He asked a question at the end of his column, which predictably brought out some left-liberal/neoliberal and neocon commenters, with their pre-fab red-herrings as to why Big Oil or access to oil was entirely to blame for America's many blunderings in the Middle East, and not Zionism.

Buchanan asked: "The U.S. press is transfixed by all this [upheaval], but a question arises: What vital interest of a United States staring at bankruptcy would be imperiled if we got out of the way, stopped fighting these countries’ wars and paying these countries’ bills and let these people determine their own future for good or ill?"

The first Zionist shill to arise was commenter Greg Panfile, who quickly responded:
The answer to the rhetorical question at the end is, of course, none. Amidst all the noise about ideologies and governmental forms in the area, and the sentimentality for and against various religions, territories and ethnic groups, the only operative fact that truly impacts the US is preserving its line of supply for oil, while it lasts. That will be kept open, by force if needed, so long as we need it and have at least one ally, or can conquer one relevant country, in the area. Other than that it is a coterie of politicians, theoreticians, ideologues, and sentimentalists working their rice bowl. ‘Twas ever thus.
The next Zionist shill, one Jane Eisner, echoed Panfile's rhetoric about the U.S. "preserving its line of supply for oil," and then added a little warmongering neocon spin of her own:
The answer? Oil! At $200 a barrel, the US is engulfed by depression. That’s just what Iran wants and friends like the Saudis, Kuwait and the Emirates prevent. Wonder why you did not even mention them. Wouldn’t you argument collapse if you did?
The truth of the matter is, access to and control of affordable oil has next to nothing to do with why we are in the Middle East, and in fact the price of oil has skyrocketed since America escalated its presence there. Oil is a readily available commodity, and we could have bought it affordably from anyone, as we did throughout the Cold War, had we not sought to squash the Middle East.

And once upon a time we could, and did, even drill our own oil efficiently and affordably (which of course, conflicted with the left-wing, "Green" eco-swindle agenda, and just like the "dirty" industrial economy of America's past, has been methodically squeezed and terminated.)

No, the real reason we are mired in the Middle East is not for oil, but rather for neo-imperial, ideological Globalism (we must impose "progressive" secular statist-liberal-capitalism upon the world) and its twin, ideological Zionism (we must impose “tolerance” for Jewry -- i.e. Jewish supremacism/Zionism -- upon the world).

The reason certain elements seek to scapegoat the oil industry is because the Establishment Left and Right in the U.S. are each complicit in both ideological Globalism and ideological Zionism, and Establishment liberalism in particular (the traditional seat of Jewish-American factions) seeks to hoodwink its own supporters in order to keep its strong Jewish Zionist contingent (clearly a quasi-fascist element) from being exposed and flogged by more earnest liberals into the neocon Right. It does this by using Big Oil as a straw man.

Indeed, neoconservatism is nothing so much as formerly left-wing Jewish Zionist elements preemptively setting up nesting grounds in the Right by joining quasi-fascist "national security" complex Big Government conservatives, knowing full well that sooner or later even thick-headed liberals will catch on to the self-serving Zionist swindle, and the corrupt liberal Establishment will have to throw the Jewish Zionists under the buss, or themselves be discarded.

And of course, possessing crypto-Israel first, Judeo-Christian ideological Zionists of its own, the Establishment neocon Right certainly won’t call the Establishment liberal swindlers on their lies; what are they going to do, condemn them for being Israel firsters when the Establishment neocon/national security-complex Right is itself guilty of that brand of treason?

Indeed, what each side has in common is that they are both epic swindlers, because neither Globalism nor Zionism nor their attendant warmongering serves the interests of average Americans, but rather serves the interests of a narrow subset of socialist-elitist and government-connected crony elements who profiteer from both Globalism and Zionism at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, and of future generations of Americans.

They are each guilty of treason because they put their own short term profit and Globalist and Israel-first ideology ahead of the long term interests of the country. In fact, their treachery and treason is the reason that America, which came out of the Cold War head and shoulders above any would-be competitors the world over, has fallen so far, so fast, and has plundered and squandered the American people's good credit across the globe.

But then, what other outcome could any country expect when it is governed by a particularistic, narrow and hostile elite hell-bent on serving its own selfish and greedy interests at the expense of the long-term interests of the average citizen?

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