Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Holocaust linchpin/casus belli of so much Keynesian military and Zionist largesse is of course legally off-limits to academic inquiry and debate

Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?

(Vimeo) -- by SomberImperil --

Editor's note, 3/30: The video, linked above, originally appeared on YouTube, but was deleted (censored) over a trivial copyright complaint. However, it can still be viewed on Vimeo by clicking on the link above.

Update, 3/31 -- The producer of the censored video rebuts YouTube's ridiculous decision to pull the media HERE, which was apparently based on totally unsubstantiated copyright infringement claims made by a person whose existence hasn't even be substantiated.

Chris Moore comments:

What motivates the suppression of Holocaust inquiry? From Hollywood to Washington to Tel Aviv, it's the casus belli and linchpin of so much successful warmongering and consequent Keynesian military and Zionist wealth-transfer largesse, it's no surprise they've attempted to turn it into a sacred cow that academics and individuals can be legally punished for debating.

Little wonder these people are so fixated on the Holocaust; it has next to nothing to do with historical justice, and nearly everything to do with filthy lucre and wealth transfer from average Americans and Europeans to the Keynesian/Pentagon/Zionist network (not to mention the New York banksters that underwrite and coordinate the wealth transfer) -- all of which has facilitated the greatest concentration, centralization, and corruption of wealth in world history via neocon/neoliberal statism.

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