Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In 60 Minutes interview prior to overthrow by Islamists, Shah of Iran bitterly warned Americans that Jewish-lobby power in U.S. was out of control

Shah of Iran discussing the zionist power over American media and government

(YouTube.com) -- by garuchillajoe --

Chris Moore comments:

The Shah of Iran was a corrupt, quasi-tyrant beholden to U.S. interests, but could have been worked with to bring about progress and reform for the Iranian people.

Instead, Zionist and Israeli-expansionist forces kept jerking the Middle East region's chain, and he finally issued a veiled warning that they were imperiling his rule, as this interview makes clear.

In 1979, he was finally overthrown by an Islamic revolution fed up with the endless Middle East wars and intrigue perpetually orchestrated by the pathologically racist and aggressive Zionist agitators, and Iran became a theologically Islamic state.

So thanks to Jewish-American Zionist cells and dimwitted and corrupt Israel-firsters operating in the U.S., America once again lost a strategic ally, and its reputation in the Islamic world fell further into disrepute.

The Iranian revolution -- yet another strategic U.S. fiasco that can be laid at the feet of treasonous Zionists and their corrupt dupes and collaborators who today reside on the neocon/Bushcon Right and as a powerfull Zionist faction in the Democrat Party.

Whether operating under Red fascist or Zionist guise, these corrupt opportunists, self-serving schemers and warped, pseudo-patriot buffoons are the greatest threat to America's future -- far greater than any external threat -- and have been for quite some time.

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