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Jewish rackets target Russia-firster Putin for removal; Where's an American Putin who will put U.S. citizens first and target the Jewish rackets here?

Jewish Dissidents Target Putin

(Occidental Observer) -- by Dan Michaels --

A recent article, A Hidden History of Evil, by Neocon writer Claire Berlinski in the reputable City Journal asserts that — for reasons unknown — the West has deliberately ignored revelations of crimes committed in the Russian Federation since Putin assumed power. Berlinski mentions especially two dissidents currently exiled in England, Pavel Stroilov and Vladimir Bukovsky. Bukovsky is well known for his exposĂ© of the Soviet use of psychiatric hospitals to silence critics of the Communist regime, he himself having been so victimized for years before being exiled to England. Stroilov, on the other hand, belongs to the post-Soviet era and claims to be in possession of documents that put Putin and Gorbachev in a very unflattering, even despicable, light, but cannot elicit any interest in them on the part of Anglo-American government agencies. Both gentlemen are part of a far larger “Putin Must Go” movement with vocal supporters in Russia itself as well as in England and the United States.

Other more neutral observers say, however, that the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests and supporting those that favor them. Dissidence and opposition during the harshest Soviet era of the 1920s, 1930s, and during World War II would have been more than justified, but unfortunately it was rarely heard in the West.

To a considerable extent, obscenely wealthy Jewish oligarchs who were squeezed out of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin to the great delight of the Russian people finance this multifaceted movement. It did not escape the attention of some observers of US-USSR relations that the principals in the arrangements made between the American (Jeffrey Sachs, Andrei Schleifer, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers) and the Soviet representatives (Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais) to introduce capitalism in the USSR were all Jewish with the exception of Chubais and that the resultant newly created oligarchs were also Jewish. Gaidar’s other friends included Mikhail Khodorkovsky (whose release from prison is a major neocon project), Platon Lebedev, Grigory Yavlinsky, and Boris Nemtsev. All are Jewish, all are in opposition to Putin, and some are in jail. These unusual, collaborative arrangements, made by co-ethnics in Russia and America with the approval of the official political leadership of those countries, cannot but recall Hitler’s assertion during World War II that the capitalistic Jews of America colluded with their communistic brethren in the Soviet Union to make the war policies of both countries. However, the joy of seeing Communism abandoned in the Soviet Union as a result of those unusual negotiations was so great that most criticism was muted.

However, neither exiled nor domestic Jewish dissidents can honestly accuse Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev of anti-Semitism, especially not those who control the major media. Putin merely insists and will continue to insist that the mass media in Russia not be used for character assassination or to make or subvert government policies. He believes that Russians, not Jewish media moguls with their dual citizen status, should govern Russia. Despite the fact that a good many Russians object to the fact that Jewish entrepreneurs all but monopolize the export of Russia’s mineral resources to countries abroad, the Russian Government continues to permit it. Oleg Deripaska, for example, an associate of Nathaniel Rothschild, is one such oligarch, as is Roman Abramovich, a friend of Boris Berezovsky, is another. They are allowed to do so because they do not attempt to run the Russian Government nor dictate its policies and also because they satisfy the demands of the international globalists.

It is interesting to note that Deripaska has since 2003 retained Bob Dole, former Majority Leader and presidential candidate, to lobby the U.S. State Department to grant him a visa. It has only been approved for a single year because the billionaire is suspected of ties to the criminal community. Dole is said to have received about $500,000 for his services. At the same time former FBI chief William Sessions has been lobbying the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of Semyon Mogilevich, who is on the FBI’s most wanted list for alleged organized-crime links. The exchange of money obviously takes precedence over every other consideration, be it national interest or ethics.

So many exiled, anti-Putin Russians have already been granted political asylum in England and have chosen to reside in London that the city is referred to as Londongrad. The British Government obviously does not object to this because the exiles direct billions of dollars to the British economy which otherwise might go elsewhere. Some observers conjecture that the governments of both the United Kingdom and the United States permitted and even encouraged the unorthodox monetary arrangements made with the former Soviet Union, knowing full well that the Jews so involved would inevitably divert the resultant international trade to the dollar or sterling countries...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

“the West has deliberately ignored revelations of crimes committed in the Russian Federation since Putin assumed power.”

Would this be akin to crimes committed in America on Wall Street and crony Washington by the Judeofascists and ideological Zionists that have been deliberately ignored since the ascension of Bush, Obama, and a Zionist-occupied Congress?

“the campaign against Putin conducted by the dissidents and a complicit press is unjustified and simply another example of Jewish solidarity in opposing policies that disadvantage their own interests and supporting those that favor them.”

Is there any longer a question as to whether Judaics organize into ethno-religious-nationalist cells that operate as a criminal racket that enriches itself and corrupts and extorts the Political Class, ultimately at the expense and detriment of their host societies?

If Washington weren’t totally corrupt, at this point these Jewish rackets would have been indicted under RICO statutes.

I would get 100% behind any politician who ran on a plank of investigating and indicting the Judaics and their criminal rackets.

Where’s America’s Putin?


Some have compared the Jewish rackets to Italian or Sicilian mafia, but Italian religious culture doesn’t make it a group theological imperative to organize into rackets and subvert, plunder, and eradicate out-group members by any and all means necessary for group supremacism. Jewish religious culture does. The Israeli Zionist rabbis, who know the religion better than anyone other than a few "anti-Semitic" (anti-Judeofascist) Christian scholars like Ted Pike and Nathanael Kapner, have essentially come out and bragged as much.

Google “Racism originated in the Torah.”

And isn’t this why traditional Christianity is essential to the cause of saving the West from these predators? There are so many, and varied, powerful Judeofascist racket interests in government, business and media that nearly all “secular” or liberal or Judeo-Christian Zionist non-Jews will be tempted to join or bow down to or let themselves be bought off by unless they have strong moral principles opposed to doing so.

If it’s just business, there’s no moral imperative to NOT sell out to the Judaics; but throw in theological interests as well, particularly traditional Western and Russian Christian theology, there are eternal consequences to laying down with the Jews: no matter what, if you sell your soul to the Judeofascist devil, you won’t be entering the Kingdom of Heaven, and in fact are going in the opposite direction.

Thus, selling out to the Judaics becomes a temporal business or political gain at the expense of eternal damnation. People need to know this; only Christianity can hammer it home and put the fear of God into Western humanity that it takes to keep itself from being compromised or bought off and ultimately destroyed.

No wonder the Judeofascists have been on a centuries-long quest to eradicate Christianity, and today, they’re claiming (buying) and comprimising through complicity more souls than ever.

White advocate Kevin MacDonald says we need a non-tribal, generic White consciousness to fight off the predators; I say Whites and everyone else needs a generic traditional Christian consciousness as well.


The supposedly secular and atheistic Jews that comprised the Jewish Bolsheviks were and are as ruthlessly misanthropic and anti-Christian as the religious Zionist Jews, and to date even more genocidal.

As Sever Plocker put it in his article, “Stalin’s Jews”:
“Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history.”,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Bolshevism, Zionism and neoconservative/neoliberal Globalism are all messianic ideologies invented and instigated by Jewry to serve its own interests.

Just as Islamists don’t belong in the West, neither do messianic Judaics of any stripe, including supposedly “free-enterprise” Jews engaged in ethnic racketeering, who then use their profits and ill-gotten gains to buy off, corrupt and compromise politicians and accomplices and finance their murderous, messianic ideologies.

I think religious imperatives can become genetic, somehow get coded in the DNA.

Religious Jews believe the Jewish messiah “will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles…He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land.”

Thus, many of these Judeofascist rackets may be knowingly or unknowingly attempting to pave the wave for the Jewish messiah who they consciously or subconsciously believe will rule the world, and subordinate the entirety of humanity to Jewish law and turn it into their slaves and servants.

Communism was probably their first serious stab at the evil enterprise, so we know what kind of epic malevolence they are capable of pulling off.


There is no contradiction in categorizing the Jewish Bolsheviks as Judeofascist Bolsheviks. As MacDonald has documented, they organized into a murderous, self-serving, cohesive, ethno-race-based network that used a totalitarian State to advance and enrich themselves (under the guise of communitarianism and social justice) and murder their opponents.

One difference between them and the Nazis is that the latter didn’t bother to operate under the guise of social justice and humanitarianism. But they both sought to use their ethno-ideology to enslave as much of the world as they could (even though the Nazis were in many ways forced into their aggression, or perhaps opportunistically exploited the German people’s righteous imperative to defend themselves.)

Most people want nothing to do with fascism, and once they’re educated, will want nothing to do with the Judeofascism, either, with the added benefit that they will also want nothing to do with ideological, State-imposed multiculturalism, because Jewry has instigated it, benefits from it, and will become a kind of metaphor for the hazards of cohesive, tribal, aggressive out-groups with malevolent, self-serving intentions.

We don’t have to become fascists to impose the Western ethic on those who dwell here by choice.

Israel Shahak may have used the term “Judeofascist,” but I’ve coined it because it is a perfect description of the organized Judeo-racket’s essence, and because the world needs to know that that’s what they are.

If you look at it on a horizontal scale from Communist absolute totalitarianism through fascism to its right through democracy through libertarian Constitutionalism, the Judeofascists have danced up and down the scale but operationally and essentially have remained largely the same; only their masks have changed.

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