Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Liberals couch their Judeocentric and ultimately Jewish supremacist ideology in stale platitudes like "tolerance," "multiculturalism," and "diversity"

Egyptians and the tyranny of liberal discourse

(Mondoweiss) -- by Sarah Hawas --

...In the past, Amira Hass has been rightly noted as one of the most outspoken and courageous Israeli journalists to cover the occupation; steadfastly documenting the behavior of Israeli settlers and occupation forces as well as the PA. Her recent article in Ha'aretz however exposes a much more dangerous agenda: that of liberals. Arab, Israeli, and American alike. Liberal discourse on Palestine and the wider Arab world is littered with buzzwords that bear a fine print: Democracy. Diversity. Individual liberties. Dialogue. Peace, and even--Resistance. When it comes to the question of Palestine, indeed, the wider Arab world, liberals are always "tolerant"... of those that tolerate them. They are "accomodating"... of those they can dominate and control, whether through IMF and World Bank governance, military occupation, or both. They believe in "equal rights" and "democracy"... as long as it is secular, manageable and marketable. They want "dialogue", and "peace"... on their terms. The tone of Hass's indignant and self-congratulatory article only further manifests the need for an active boycott of Zionist institutions worldwide. Though she preaches (and has often embodied) the values of diversity, critical thought and reflection, she presents us with that most odious tendency of Zionist liberals, who would prefer to instruct Palestinians, Iraqis and other Arabs in the region and elsewhere on how and when to resist the existence of their respective racist and terrorist colonizers...

In a bid to sell us a stale narrative of multiculturalism, Hass draws on outdated, callous and racist diversity rhetoric at its worst. She asks "whether an Egyptian would be permitted to be interviewed by a Palestinian journalist who is a citizen of Israel and writes for Haaretz.” Here we should not forget: apart from suffering the internal dispossession that came with Zionist colonization following 1948, Palestinian citizens of Israel today live under a draconian system whereby their very citizenship and homes are constantly under threat. Just as they are socially and legally criminalized for memories that might render them non-subservient to Jewish Israeli colonialism and assimilation, they are reminded daily of their status as "guests" of the Jewish state and instructed - poorly so, as any purveyor of Israeli pop culture will recognize - in the art of gratitude for the oft-cited "privilege" of electoral rights. Just as the state of Israel insists on touting its non-Jewish population, along with its Mizrahi Jewish population, as the assimilated and obedient badges of diversity, she insists that the contributions of Palestinian Israelis to Ha'aretz renders the newspaper anything but the very Zionist institution that it is. Like many liberals, Hass presumes that relative diversity of coverage and opinion deserve a trophy, and bleakly wonders why more Egyptians were not willing to risk their personal security, the reputation of the revolution, and for some, deeply rooted anti-normalization sentiment rightly wary of Ha'aretz, just so they could grant her the interviews she asked for...

The indulgent and condescending tone of Hass's article is not only familiar to those of us that have endured lifetimes of patronizing lessons in liberal values; it is downright insufferable. If the international community, including Israel, has anything to learn from the Egyptian revolution, it is that real resistance will not be instructed by the hypocritical double standards characteristic of liberal charity. Just as Hass sarcastically notes that she was “reminded” of the Israeli occupation (but clearly not institutionalised Israeli Jewish supremacy) through her time in Cairo, I can gratefully say that she has reminded me, and many others, of the ever-present danger posed by self-indulgent, disingenuous actors in the region. As we strive to decolonize ourselves and coming generations, we can aim for nothing less than a thorough transformation of relations, much like that of Tahrir square, and we would do well to avoid those who believe we must accept dialogue on unequal and corrupt terms. The road to the liberation of Jerusalem does indeed run through Cairo, and Amira Hass should know better than to assume that Israel, who depends very much on dear friends like Mubarak and his gas subsidies, is in any way separate from the object of our revolt...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Liberals and lefties never could be trusted on the Judeofascist question. After all, the Left collaborated with Judeofascist Bolsheviks in the Communist movement, murdering millions of Soviet-sphere Christians and dissidents in the process.

When the Judeofascists made their way West and joined their Western Jewish bretheren, the statist-liberals again collaborated with them in yet another Jewish power grab, under this same left-wing guise of "tolerance," "multiculturalism," and "diversity." In America, this is how the Judeofascists leveraged their way to the top, via the Democratic Party.

Indeed, powerful Democrat Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson was among the first to grant the then-fledgling Judeofascist neocons entry into the halls of ultimate American power.

And still today, the national Democrat Party harbors a hugely disproportionate number of Jewish Zionist politicians, and promotes them to the most powerful chairmanships.

It's clear that statist-liberalism is just another ideological trojan horse the Judeofascists and their corrupt collaborators have used to leverage their way to the top in order to impose their messianic, Jewish supremacist ideology upon humanity.

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