Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libya intervention exposes corrupt Establishment Washington's Jewish supremacist double standards


(Mondowiess) -- by Philip Weiss --

...Honestly, my main response to the Libya intervention is, Why didn't they stop the carnage in Gaza? It went on for 3 weeks, as long as Qaddafi has been rampaging, and for all that time Obama said nothing as president-elect and we wouldn't impose a ceasefire let alone call off the murderous jets dropping white phosphorus. The Israelis killed 1300+, nearly 400 of them children. I wonder if Qaddafi has killed more-- I'm sure he hasn't killed that many children-- and of course he can make the same claims as the Israelis did about militants.

One good thing about Libya is that it demonstrates that Netanyahu is as divorced from reality as Qaddafi, in his commitment to militant rule of the West Bank, and to preserving a Jewish democracy in a land where Jews are in the minority. Still American support never ends. In 2006 George W. Bush repeatedly held off ceasefire resolutions on Israel's campaign of destruction in Lebanon, even as Red Crescent caravans were targeted and houses filled with civilians bombed.

And of course not two weeks ago Obama vetoed the Security Council resolution condemning Israeli colonization-- Obama who in Cairo '09 called for an end to settlements and for democracy in the Arab world...MORE...LINK

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