Sunday, March 20, 2011

Portraying himself as a recovering Catholic, Jewish Zionist Israel-firster Bill Maher incites warfare against Islam from the Left

Bill Maher To Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison: The Qur'an Is A 'Hate Filled Holy Book

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Chris Moore comments:

Bill Maher is a fraud.

The man is of Jewish and Irish background, yet in this video he infers he is a recovering Catholic. He is an ardent Zionist Israel-firster who is intricately intertwined with liberal-posing, Hollywood Jewish Zionists sleaze-merchants who are enriching themselves off of America in order to pursue their messianic, Jewish supremacist ideology of Judeofascism from the Left.

Maher is just another Judeofascist leftie trying to pass himself off as an earnest liberal and loyal American in order to get the U.S. into a world war against Islam on behalf of Jewish supremacism and Israel.

These Judeofascist lefties, who are trying to kill three birds with one stone (Whites, Christians, and Muslims) are some of the most cut-throat political operatives in history.


Let's dissect Maher's serpantine ways a bit further.

Notice how how, after bringing up Ellison's Islamic faith, he then carfully makes the distinction between "radicalized Muslims" and Islam in general.

But immediately after that, he starts going on and on about Islamic "culture" being medieval, out to get nukes, driven by the Koran to commit terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, etc. In short, he's conflating Islamic culture in its entirety with terrorism.

This is exactly how the Judeofascists went about degrading, desecrating and undercutting Christianity and Western Civilization for hundreds of years, culminating in their coup de gras of conflating Christendom with the Holocaust.

Now, they're up to their same old dirty tricks and generalized smears aiming for a knockout punch of Islam.

Yet, notice how whenever anyone generalizes about the Jews, or conflates organized Jewry with Jewish Bolshevism, they scream "anti-Semitism" and "racism" no end.

Fair enough. Let's start distinguishing between Jews in general and Judeofascist bigots, opportunists and provocateurs like Maher in particular who seek to use mass media to smear, bait, desecrate and vilify Christianity and Islam in their entirety, run and hide behind the Jewish people, wait for retaliation from angered or unstable Christian or Muslim individuals or small factions, and then come out of the woodwork to declare both religions to be medieval and terrorist.

This is the game the Judeofascists have been playing for millenia, and will continue to play until they are isolated and castigated as the cynical, opportunistic, arrested development sociopaths and frauds hiding amongst the Jewish people that they are.

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