Friday, March 18, 2011

History of Judeofascism: Post-Old Testament organized Jewry as an ongoing, evolving fascist racket

(By Chris Moore) -- What Dr. Kevin MacDonald labels in academic jargon “Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy,” I label in polemical jargon "Judeofascism" or “the Judeofacist racket.”

It has essentially existed as a racket ever since the Jews were dispersed for the last time by the Romans from the “Promised Land” during Christ’s epoch.

It was during their various dispersions and exiles, including the Babylonian, that the Talmud originated (originally as oral instructions) as a kind of survival guide on how the Jewish people could be bribed, coerced, browbeaten, manipulated, and rewarded to stick together, and operate as a cohesive racket among “the nations.”

Talmudic Judaism is the longest running and most highly evolved racket in history, and Judeofascist successes in racketeering and subjugation, including leftist racketeering, bankster and economic racketeering, and Zionist racketeering, all flow from the Talmudic Master Plan and religious tip of the pyramid, which is essentially a fascist formulation. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, forgery or not, isn’t a bad metaphor for the Talmudic/Cabala Master Plan.

For good primers on the Talmud and Cabala (another post-Old Testament Judeofascist operating guide) see the scholarship of the Rev Ted Pike or Michael Hoffman, reviewed here:

Just as Judeo-Christian Zionists don’t want “the Jews” criticized and discredited because it undermines their own childlike, arrested development religo-ideology, fascist factions of White nationalism don’t want the Judeofascist Zionists criticized and discredited because doing so undermines their own fascist ideology.

Fascism and Judeo-Christian Zionism are both used to co-opt, pigeonhole, control and marginalize Judeofascism’s cohesive group competitors, just as Marxism (Communism/leftism) is used to control and manipulate the non-cohesive “nations” on a mass scale, sometimes mass-murderously so (e.g. Jewish Bolshevism).

Similar to the self-serving, opportunistic denial of fascists and Judeo-Christian Zionists, the Left generally doesn't want to believe that organized Jewry is in any way fascist because Jews were so decisive in inventing and implementing Marxism and Communism, and the fascist character of organized Jewry reflects on the fascist character of the Left itself. Hence, the Left will go to great pains to insist that Zionism and Judaism are completely different and separate formulations.

The Roman Empire and later Christianity essentially kept the Judeofascist rackets “down and out” for centuries. The Renaissance and later Enlightenment were the beginning of the unleashing of the Judeofascist whirlwind, which has been fine-tuned and perfected as an ideology of subjugation and control over the centuries.

Are these people literally Satanists? Even if they technically are not, they might as well be. Their intended end result is the same, with them (psychopaths and sociopaths that their leadership comprises) ruling the world out of Jerusalem.

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