Thursday, April 14, 2011

It can't be denied: Zionism and institutional Judeo-supremacism are manifestations of Jewishness (and of Globalist state capitalism, as well)

Gilad Atzmon: Let Us Talk About Jewishness

( -- by Gilad Atzmon

One of the main differences between my work and and the writings of other humanists within the peace movement is that I am willing to move beyond the political discussion -- I dig into the ideological and philosophical roots of the Jewish state, Jewish politics and Jewish identity politics. I look into the meaning of 'Jewishness.'

In my work I clearly identify a continuum between Israel and 'Jewish ideology' ('Jewishness'). And since Israel defines itself as the Jewish State, then surely --we must be brave enough to question what Jewishness stands for.

And clearly, Israelis are proud about their Jewishness -- They are far from being shy about it all.

In the following video Judeo-Centric Israeli Law Professor Ruth Gavison spreads some Jewish Tribal ideas at AIPAC conference...


If you fail to understand what motivates the Israeli pilots to drop bombs on civilians from aeroplanes decorated with Jewish symbols, law professor Gavison provides the answer;

“Israel will do whatever it takes to remain a Jewish state for as long as it takes.”

If you ask yourself, how is it that 94% of Israeli Jews supported the IDF genocidal measures at the time of Operation Cast Lead, then Gavison may have some insights to offer.

“The Jewishness of Israel is the meaning of which the state of Israel is enabling Jews for the first time in many years, to take control of all aspects of their lives”

They certainly do: Israeli brutality is beyond comparison.

Gavison concludes, “Israel is the place where Jewish and Hebrew culture is the majority culture; this is the meaning of the Jewishness of Israel”

We have to agree with the Law Professor -- Hebrew culture is, indeed, a majority culture in Israel -- because the indigenous people of the land are locked behind walls in open air prisons.

If Israel is the meaning of Jewishness, and vice versa, Jews do have a serious ethical problem to deal with.

Chris Moore comments:

Hmmm...institutional Judeo-supremacism. In addition to Israel's blatant de jure Jewish supremacism, could that be indicated by a "secular" system that pursues de facto Jewish supremacism, as well?

Say a "secular" system that elects a hugely disproportionate number of Jewish Zionist politicians to national office?

Or a "secular" system that appoints a hugely disproportionate number of Jewish Zionists to the highest legal courts in the land?

A "secular" system that sacrifices massive amounts of blood and treasure on behalf of wars for ideological Zionism?

Or a "secular" system that produces a hugely inordinate number of Jewish multi-millionaires and billionaires, and concentrates historically disproportionate imbalances of wealth in the hands of a few self-serving economic narcissists at the expense and to the detriment of the overwhelming majority?

A "secular" system that accomplishes all of this by using a powerful, highly centralized state to rig the game and regularly transfer hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars to its statist-corporatist cronies through a litany of government-engineered bait and switch schemes perpetrated by regime after regime?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, it isn't just the Arab world that has a Judeofascist/Judeo-supremacist problem in Israel, but the Western world in occupied Washington, too, and consequently the entire world as well. And it isn't just Jewry that is engineering all of this, as it most certainly could not be...which means it isn't only Jewry suffering from a state of "Jewishness."

But no question, tracking down and bringing to justice the Jewish Zionists and their "secular" ideological Zionist/Globalist Gentile collaborators and political stooges is the place to start the process of correction.

Follow the money, follow the Globalists, and follow the Zionists, at which end you'll find the zenith of evil -- and the remote possibility of attaining cosmic justice, however brief, through its apprehension.

Whoever can accomplish that must be justifiably rewarded by the Heavens, perhaps beyond all current human and temporal comprehension.

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