Thursday, April 14, 2011

Line by line, Glenn Beck told a mass audience the truth about Jewish power -- especially Jewish economic power; and for this, he was blackballed


(National Prayer Network) -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

Responding to accusations of anti-Semitism by over 600 Jewish rabbis, plus public Jewish demonstrations in New York, FOX News sacked Glenn Beck. Beck's devoted "Israel-first" conservatism was not enough to save him from suspicion by organized liberal Jewry that he had a back-room agenda to begin discussing the taboo topic of overwhelming Jewish control in America and the world. Such is a "speech crime," according to Jewish supremacist thought police, worthy of terminating a broadcaster's career.

Beck's supposed transgressions are trivial. In brief:

-He criticized Jewish billionaire George Soros as a puppet master of liberal, one-world objectives. (True.)
-He said reform (secular) Judaism is largely preoccupied with a political agenda, as is radical Islam. (True.)
-He described his political foes as "Nazis" creating a "Holocaust" of abortion. (The Anti-Defamation League and rabbis claim Jews have a virtual copyright on such language. It is now disrespectful, even anti-Semitic for "goy" like Beck to use such terms without Jewish permission.) (See, Jewry’s “Linguistic Terrorism” Against Beck)
-Most inflaming to Jews, Beck has exposed the Federal Reserve as a consortium of international bankers, including the Jewish Rothschilds, intent on controlling the world's money system. (True.)

For this, Beck's career at FOX no longer exists.

What is to be done to curtail ever increasing Jewish power to defame and destroy reputations of leaders who present even the slightest threat to their power? How can we hold back Jewish supremacist bullying that makes fear of Jewish recrimination the dominant political and social consideration of our time?

As Jewish power in America becomes ever more strident, it is increasingly clear that Christian/conservative leaders cannot deliver civilization. They are simply too vulnerable to vilification, boycott, and financial ruin by Jewish media and "civil liberties" attack groups. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

Our best politically is for millions of grassroots patriots to speak out more boldly than ever on the internet, talk radio, campus and discussion groups, etc., warning against Jewish power. Beck's firing only confirms such unrestrained power exists and is intent on ending free speech in America...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Read that last line above again.
"Beck's firing only confirms such unrestrained [Jewish] power exists and is intent on ending free speech in America."
This needs to be emphasized: powerful elements of organized Jewry want to end free speech in America, and their treatment of Beck proves it.

What is the auspices under which they pressured the end of Beck's free speech career on Fox News? Alleged anti-Semitism, or a subtext of anti-Semitism. And this is important, too, because we're constantly instructed that not only are generalisations about all Jews "anti-Semitism," but also that criticism of elements of Jewry or individuals within Jewry is "anti-Semitism" as well.

Hence, Beck criticizes the powerful, wealthy Jew George Soros? He's an anti-Semite. He points up the connection between the central banking monopoly/conspiracy and the powerful, wealthy, Jewish Rothschild family? He's an anti-Semite.

But where, exactly, did he lie or incite "anti-Semitism." He didn't.

So, essentially, the guy was blackballed for telling the truth about certain powerful Jews, just like anti-Zionists are blackballed and derided as anti-Semites for telling the truth about certain powerful Zionist Jews.

And more importantly, this truth-telling is used as a pretext to shut down free speech, which is an absolutely integral component of a) the U.S. Constitution, and b) our God-given, natural rights as human beings, as distinguished from the animals.

Why do supremacist Jewry and its authoritarian Left-Right stooges hate free speech?

Because free speech and the objective truth that it cultivates are a threat to undemocratic and rigged outcomes necessary to protect and perpetuate their illegitimate concentration of power and false moral authority, and because free speech empowers humankind to exercise its God-given rights, whereas these supremacist Jews believe the only rights that humankind is entitled to exercise are those granted by the Judeofascists themselves -- and with all kinds of strings attached, at that.

In the end, free speech and the marketplace of ideas are only a threat to those who are swindlers, corrupt, malevolent, or can't compete due to sinister motives, reputation or intentions, or with something to hide.

Supremacist Jewry is guilty of all-of-the above, and so must suppress free speech and "rig" the marketplace of ideas in order to maintain it's false moral authority and illegitimate, abusive, and downright murderous control.

Organized Jewish authoritarians and their collaborators are enemies of free speech, the marketplace of ideas, democracy, and the concept of God-given human rights. And their arm-twisting, blackballing and outright censorship of Glenn Beck and so many other truth telling critics of Jewish malefactors, supremacists, Zionists, and their corrupt and craven Gentile collaborators proves it.

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