Friday, April 29, 2011

Jewish "liberal" frauds never seem to push self-determination for those living under Zionist hegemony in Palestine (or in the U.S., for that matter)

American journalists want to see the Arab spring happening everywhere but Palestine

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

My theme today is denial, specifically as it involves the Arab revolutions: the failure of American media figures and Jewish leaders to recognize the huge spiritual-political effect of the Arab spring and the inevitability of that spirit coming to bear on the dire human-rights situation in Palestine.

As Issandr El Amrani said the other night at the 92d Street Y, this revolution has the promise of the French revolution, and to seek to diminish it or to caricature it (the Muslim Brotherhood is going to take over Jordan, Yossi Klein Halevi warned at the American Jewish Committee today) is a terrible mistake.

And this denial is most profound inside American liberal Jewish life, in the failure of liberals to understand, Of course Palestinians will also want their spring. And they must have it.

I will give you two instances of this denial. The first was Terry Gross interviewing Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker on Fresh Air the other day, all about the Arab revolutions and Egypt and Obama's foreign policy. And you will see from the transcript that Israel was mentioned only once, and tangentially. The conceit of this nearly-hour-long exchange was the idea, Well these Arab countries are finally going to try to be democratic, harrumph, and Obama must lend his hand. With no awareness at all that a, American support for Israel has militated against Arab democracy and the idea of Arab self-determination forever, and b, that the thirst for democracy in the Middle East portends revolutionary change in one of the most repressive societies in the world, the Israeli occupation of Palestine...

Now the second instance of denial was at the 92d Street Y the other night, when my good friend Jake Weisberg moderated a PEN panel on the Arab spring and was generous and celebratory about the revolutions. But because we were in a Jewish space, the meaning of the revolutions was circumscribed: they are unhorsing the tyrants and allowing writers to express themselves at last in Arab countries. The Arab intellectuals went along with this limitation and practiced a self-censorship...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Weiss makes a great observation about how Jewish "liberals" don't want to air their own tribe's dirty laundry in Palestine. This, of course, is a natural outgrowth of their Jewish supremacist orientation. Perhaps some of them recognize the double standard and are in "denial," as Weiss says; but most no doubt view it as the natural order per their own "chosen" cultural and religious doctrine: "What's good for thee isn't good for me; but of course Palestinians should live as second class citizens under Jewry. Why, it couldn't possibly be otherwise."

Additionally, as Weiss well knows because he's observed it himself many times, this haughty Jewish sense of superiority and entitlement doesn't only extend to Palestine, but to America, as well, where organized Jewry either dominates or has an extortionist grip over Congress, media, Wall Street, the Fed, Hollywood...really, name an institution that is either utterly irresponsible and abusive of its power, or almost universally despised across the country -- or both -- and Jewry has its greasy fingerprints all over it these days.

And of course, the famously "liberal" Jews in media aren't going to report about that, either.

Why? Because they are frauds. They never were authentically liberal (or even conservative, as the neocons show) nor will they be; for them, liberalism is just a convenient pose to gain power and manipulate other minorities, or as a way for them to play the victim card themselves and leverage it into a position of dominance.

No, the essence of organized Judaism and its dedicated adherents (and even some of its not so dedicated ones) is the Talmud and the Kabbalah, two of the sickest, most subversive, supremacist, racist and sinister tracts to ever desecrate the face of the earth. They make Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto look like bedtime stories. And for those in the ideological grip of the Satanic verses between their covers, every other political position they assume is a mask, window dressing, a pose...whatever you want to call it. Pure artifice.

So of course, all of those Jewish "liberals" suckled on Satanic rot like Talmud and Kabbalah are going to be two-faced schizos and lying hypocrites who embrace self-serving double standards and spin their own filthy bile as holy water.

What else would one expect from a people brainwashed and bathed in such a putrid ideology from the womb forward?

The good news is that despite the relentless hue, cry and hum of bad will emanating from head-bobbing Talmudic Jewry, not all Jews become infected with its toxic radiation (although plenty of weak, craven, or stupid Gentiles seem to, e.g. Judeophile liberals and Judeo-Christian Zionists).

And that, after all is said and done, may be the appeal of Jewish Talmudism and its Gentile offshoots: it's an easy identity for the corrupt and fallen to step into as a kind of "protection" for their freely-chosen life of greed, malice, selfishness and hatred, one in which they can assume the pose of "victim" as well.

As I've observed before, the forces of evil seem to be increasingly gravitating around Zionism and Talmudic Jewry -- which in the end, makes them easier to identify.

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