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Russian Professor Andrei Burovsky, telling it like it is about organized holds barred

A. M. Burovsky on the Jewish “Empire of the Intellect”

(Occidental Observer) -- by Dan Michaels --

Professor Andrei Mikhailovich Burovsky, academic, writer, slaughterer of sacred cows, and, it must be admitted straight off, a hyperactive revisionist, has a cornucopia of interests ranging from archaeology, the interaction between nature and societies, the formation of the noosphere, and cross-cultural contacts, right up to the Jewish question in Russia and worldwide. On all of these topics the professor has taken strong, minority opinions. Politically, Burovsky is a member of the All-Russian Socio-Political Eurasia Movement and has authored several very popular books about Siberia.[1]

Burovsky writes about Jews in the way H. L. Mencken wrote about certain Christian sects and pompous celebrities, i.e., boldly and without fear of consequences. Like Mencken, Burovsky is a well-known disturber-of-the-peace, iconoclast, and a prolific writer on subjects both profane and sacred. But whereas Mencken dealt with the relatively venial offences committed by members of what he called the ‘Boobeoisie’, Burovsky deals with much heavier issues with far more serious consequences...

Burovsky does not write in the style of an academic but as a populist. He does not try to convince by patient logical argument but by hammering home his message. Sophisticated readers find his style rough and sloppy while the common folk enjoy it...

In all, Burovsky has published some 134 works, including four monographs and at least a dozen items on the Jewish question. The Library of Congress has 28 of his books. Regrettably for the English-speaking world, all are in Russian.

American readers might be somewhat uneasy about the bluntness of Burovsky’s critical comments concerning Jewish activities that in much of the West remain taboo under penalty of law. American writers, for the most part establishment writers, tend to approach the Jewish question with great caution, fear of offending, fear of retaliation, and therefore in many cases they defer to the Jewish point of view. But not Burovsky. Whether Burovsky is a loose cannon or a sharpshooter is argued, but all agree that Jews are — for whatever reason — one of his favorite topics.

Consider some excerpts and commentary from several of Burovsky’s most recent books.[2]

In his most recent book, Are the Jews the Most Advanced People on Earth?, Burovsky writes
Always, throughout history, you only have to give the Jews equal rights and they swiftly move into the highest circles of their host society. Comprising just 2–3% of the population of the particular country they quickly represent a third, half, and at times the absolute majority of its financial, intellectual, and even political elite. In some it evokes delight, in others rage. It was thus in Hellenistic Egypt before the birth of Christ, in the towns of Medieval Europe, in France in the 18th Century, in Germany in the 19th Century, and in Russia the first half of the 20th Century. The historical eras differed, the host countries differed, and even the Jews were different, but the same process repeats itself. How are the Jews able to be such keen competitors? Why under different circumstances are they able to squeeze the Christians out of commerce, science, art, education, and medicine? What constitutes their advantage over all other nations? Is it their special racial characteristics, that they consider themselves chosen by God, that they support each other, the much talked about Jewish Masonic conspiracy, or is it simply that the Jews are the most intellectually advanced people on Earth? (p. 4)
In his Jewish Domination: Fabrication or Reality? he contends indignantly:
After World War II no one was supposed to be a racist, but the Jews were permitted to be racists. Everyone was permitted to doubt the fact that the communists murdered millions of people in Russia if they chose to, but in many countries today a jail sentence awaits any individual who commits Holocaust denial (imposed by the same gentlemen who devised the law and had the chutzpah to teach us about freedom of speech!). Imagine what a howl would be raised if Russia dared to kidnap Berezovsky from England and subject him to a show trial and execution! But that’s exactly what the Israelites (sic) did in the Eichmann case! Iran is forbidden to violate the agreement on the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but Israel can. How about the mutual hatred of Poles and Ukrainians, or that of Tutsis and Hutu? [The Tutsis, incidentally, consider themselves the descendants of Israelites.] How about the extermination of Germans by the Czechs and Poles in 1944–45? You can talk about those events and even name the nationality of the perpetrators. That you can do. But just try to say who was behind the extermination of the Russian nobility and intellectuals, the priests and the officers, during the Civil War. If you dare to give the names of those hangmen, you will be called a “cannibal or an anti-Semite”! Why, with all the talk about all people being equal, does mankind recognize one people as “more equal than the others”? Have not the Jews in this way become a privileged layer in society immune from the law? Have not the Jews become a kind of international nobility? And what is there to threaten this “Jewish domination,” to threaten those who seek to dominate?


Chris Moore comments:

I would hazard that 60-70% of Jewish success is a consequence of their highly evolved ethnic racketeering system, which at its core draws from the Talmud and the Kabbalah (two of the most scurrilous religious tracts ever contrived) for sustenance and continuity.

A Jew and a non-Jew could produce the exact same output in any given discipline, but because Jewry has this advanced ethnic network, the Jew will be hoisted higher and higher time and again over the course of his career by the network whereas the non-Jew will often end up spinning his wheels in obscurity.

Of course, the Jew has to demonstrate his commitment to the Talmud and Kabbalah along the way through such signals as Jewish supremacist hypocrisy, double standards, pretenses of moral authority, conveying a sense of Jewish entitlement, etc. By doing so, the Jew is signaling to the network: “I’m on board with the conspiracy.”

A theological analysis would have to include the conjecture that the Jew was signaling both the network and the evil spiritual forces behind the Talmud and Kabballah that "I'm in our deal with the devil to the end. I expect my rewards, too."

Non-Jews might want to think about all of this before getting into bed with supremacist Jewry, as it's hard to know what level of involvement with it constitutes complicity with the devil and implicates their own souls.

Of course, atheists and evolutionists have nothing to worry about due to their absolute certitude that no such spiritual forces exist. And in modern times, Judeo-Christian Zionists think they have gotten around it all by doing a 180 and declaring Jewry God's chosen.

It all reminds me of how Jewry thought it could make the Judeo-Communist-perpetrated holocaust go away simply by denying or ignoring it, or countering with "the Holocaust (TM)"...yet there it is, rising from the ashes and nipping at their heels once again.


Jews are “high IQ” at having low morals and ethics, and at discriminating against out-group members. When the West had honor and integrity, these characteristics were a drawback, and so they set out to destroy Western honor and integrity.

Since the West no longer has honor and integrity (largely thanks to the rise of Jewry in America and the low character rats who allowed them to rise, and sold out the country to partner in their rise) Jewry’s low-cunning characteristics are advantageous.

Can the West regain its high minded honor and integrity, and again marginalize the low character rats, or do we again have to go through the entire cycle of everyone lowering themselves to Jewry’s level, massive bloodletting and all against all for God knows how long until honor and integrity finally again emerges from the bloody swamp?

The fact they inevitably spark just such a cycle is the primordial sin of allowing Jewry to claw its way to the top of any given society, or in the case of America, the double sin of actually giving them a helping hand to the top, and selling the country out to them cheap.


Hans [in article comments]: “The myth of Jewish genius dies hard, even with commenters on this site.”

Pathetic, isn’t it? Even on Kevin MacDonald's site, certain people cling to this Jew-contrived concept of racial “choseness.”

The problem with too many White nationalists is that their only problem with Jewish morals and ethics is that they simply want to replace the Jew racket with their own.

This is how Nazism ended up simply mirroring Jewish Bolshevism and its crypto-Talmudism (although to a less murderous extent).

I don’t have a problem with Whites protecting their interests and self-respect and seeing to it that they’re not discriminated against by such government-engineered scams as affirmative action, but Whites who possess that Jew sense of unearned entitlement and simply want to replace the Jewish rackets with their own are barely better than Jews.

In fact, I’ve got to wonder of many of them ARE Jews from way back.

The myth of Jewish genius dies hard, and the psychotic seed dies hard.

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