Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Knowing deep down "Jewishness" and Zionism amount to same ideology, "anti-Zionist"-poseur Jews want debate on question censored

Gilad Atzmon: What Are They Afraid of?

(gilad.co.uk) -- by Gilad Atzmon --

UK Zionist network, together with half a dozen Sayanim* within the Jewish Palestinian solidarity network, seem to be strongly united this week.

Acting as a joint effort, they are trying to stifle freedom of speech: they seem to be horrified by the idea that a panel of intellectuals, journalists and an artist plan to explore the intriguing bond between Israel, Zionism and ‘Jewishness’, and thus far they have harassed panelists, threatened an academic institute and have spread lies, smears and defamation.

And yet in doing so they have unwittingly provided us with a tremendous glimpse into a contemporary Jewish secular tribal operation.

And what is at the root of their hysteria? For some peculiar reason, both Zionists and UK Jewish so-called ‘anti Zionists’, insist that discussing ‘Jewishness’ is a taboo which should never be explored, certainly not in public, and definitely never outside of the ghetto.

But isn’t it all just more than a little suspicious? After all, please consider that the Jewish ‘anti Zionists’ operate politically under a Jewish banner; they also clearly carry their Jewish identity with pride; and, like the ‘Jews only state’, they also run a ‘Jews only club’ -- yet they want to try to stop us from questioning what this club actually stands for. They want to take it further and even try to stop us from discussing and grasping what the Jewishness of Israel is all about.

Why are they so concerned about others questioning their ideology, an identity which they themselves are clearly and openly so proud of?

Is it that we are not allowed to question ideologies and political precepts? Should we, then, also have stopped Max Weber from looking into the role of Protestantism in the context of the rise of capitalism? And if Israel proudly defines itself as the Jewish State, then are we not entitled to also wonder what its Jewishness actually means?

And shouldn’t we also be entitled to refer the exact same questions to the UK Jewish ‘anti Zionists’?

It seems clear to me that we do have that right to know...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Of course, the reason these “anti-Zionist” Jews don’t want the parallels between Jewishness and Zionism drawn is because they like their ethnic racket, they like the money it brings in by existing parasitically off of the West, they like their little supremacist identity and its endless, smug exaltation of how special and superior their clique is, they like the degenerate careerist opportunities that their schizophrenic little clique brings them at the expense of the political, cultural, and social health of their host nations, they like their snarky, cheeky, flippant little culture of critique and the psychological comfort that its insular and impenetrable delusions of grandeur brings them, deep down they recognize that Israel has merely formalized and institutionalized their own petite Judeofascist identity, and simply taken it to the next level of political racketeering...and they don’t want to face the fact of any of this about themselves, or about the true nature of organized Jewry.

In short, they’re intellectual, moral and ethical cowards who would rather put their fingers in their ears and their heads in the sand than hear the ugly truth about themselves and about their own role in their Zionist cohort’s ongoing crimes against humanity.

To hell with the Zionists, and to hell with them.

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