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From far left to far right, religiously motivated, institutional Jewish supremacist agenda animates virtually all factions of Jewry

“During 1917″: Chapter 14 of Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together”

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Chapter 14 of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together (available here) recounts the events of 1917, a pivotal year in Russia. The main impression conveyed throughout the chapter is the sheer energy of the Jews—what I have elsewhere (pp. 24–26) labeled the psychological intensity of Jewish activism.

1917 in Russia was a year of rapid change, uncertainty and chaos—exactly the situation where even a relatively small but well-organized, energetic and highly motivated force may have a very large impact. As an analogy, consider how relatively easy it would have been to influence the structure of the U.S. government in the unsettled period after the Revolutionary War than it is today.

Jews developed a huge range of organizations of all types. Politically, they ranged from the center to the far left.
From the very first days after the February Revolution, central newspapers published enormous number of announcements about private meetings, assemblies and sessions of various Jewish parties, initially mostly the Bund [a socialist-labor party with a strong Jewish identity], and later of Poale Zion, Zionists, Socialist Zionists, Territorialist Zionists, and the Socialist Jewish Workers’ Party (SJWP). Already by March 7 we read about an oncoming assembly of the All-Russian Jewish Congress.
The various Zionist groups were the most popular among Jews; these groups tended to support socialist candidates in the Russian milieu. As an aside, one can’t help but notice the irony in the fact that Jacob Schiff, who had bankrolled Jewish revolutionary groups in Russia (see here, p. 36), announced that he had decided to join the Zionists “because of fear of Jewish assimilation as a result of Jewish civil equality in Russia. He believes that Palestine could become the center to spread ideals of Jewish culture all over the world.”

Would that he had directed all his financial support to Zionist causes rather than at attempts to topple the Czar. Wasn’t it obvious that Jewish civil equality would make assimilation and intermarriage more likely?...

This frenetic energy of Jews in Petrograd reminded me of Henry James’ comment, written in 1907, on the newly arrived Jews in New York:
There is no swarming like that of Israel when once Israel has got a start, and the scene here bristled at every step, with the sights and sounds, immitigable, unmistakable, of a Jewry that had burst all bounds. … The talk of the hour gave me, across the board, facts and figures, chapter and verse, for the extent of the Hebrew conquest of New York…. Who can ever tell . . . what the genius of Israel may, or may not, really be “up to”? (Henry James (1907). The American Scene. London: Chapman and Hall; see here, p. 37)
Substitute Petrograd for New York, and you have the situation as described by Solzhenitsyn. And, as he notes, “These Jewish activities are all the more amazing given the state of general governmental, administrative and cultural confusion in Russia 1917.”

Jews also eagerly entered into Russian institutions, including the military. However, exhibiting a pattern that Solzhenitsyn also noted during WWII, Jews were much more likely to be found in the officer corps rather than among common soldiers. He recounts a very striking incident of ethnocentrism among Jewish officers who had the soldiers under their command sing “ancient Jewish songs.” Solzhenitsyn asks incredulously, “Did they not understand that Russian soldiers would hardly follow such officers?” Whereas separate battalions were organized for a variety of ethnic groups, only Jews were integrated into the army. Jews were “the only nationality not demanding national self-determination in military. And every time it was suggested that separate Jewish regiments be formed in response to complaints about the poor acceptance of Jewish army officers, such proposals were met with a storm of indignation on the part of Jews and the Left and with accusations of a spiteful provocation.”

This is interesting because Jews often insist on separation from non-Jews, so this opposition to separate units for Jews is certainly not based on principle. Solzhenitsyn may well be hinting that this is a bit of strategizing on the part of Jews, realizing that the army is a very important institution to influence, especially during a period of unrest and confusion, and that Jews would have more influence if they were not segregated into their own units.

Solzhenitsyn has a section on the “highly energetic” Jews who returned to Russia after the February Revolution, including Trotsky who “travelled not with flimsy Russian papers, but with a solid American passport, inexplicably granted to him despite his short stay in the USA, and with a substantial sum of money, the source of which has remained a mystery.” Particular mention is made of “two famous trains that crossed hostile Germany without hindrance and brought to Russia nearly 200 prominent individuals, 30 in Lenin’s and 160 in the train of Natanson and Martov [both Jews], with Jews comprising an absolute majority. …They represented almost all Jewish parties, and virtually all of them would play a substantial role in the future events in Russia.”.

Solzhenitsyn shows an understated anger at the attitudes of some of the Jews who came to power and influence during this period. For example, he mentions an article by a Jewish writer who stated that

Jews must secure the gains of revolution by any means … without any qualms. Any necessary sacrifice must be made. Everything is on the stake here and all will be lost if we hesitate…. Even the most backward parts of Jewish masses understand this.” “No one questions what would happen to Jews if the counter-revolution prevails.” He was absolutely confident that if that happens there would be mass executions of Jews. Therefore, “the filthy scum must be crushed even before it had any chance to develop, in embryo. Their very seed must be destroyed…. Jews will be able to defend their freedom.”
Solzhenitsyn’s comment is well worth pondering:
Crushed in embryo…. And even their very seed…. It was already pretty much the Bolshevik program, though expressed in the words of Old Testament. Yet whose seed must be destroyed? Monarchists? But they were already breathless; all their activists could be counted on fingers. So it could only be those who had taken a stand against unbridled, running wild soviets, against all kinds of committees and mad crowds; those, who wished to halt the breakdown of life in the country — prudent ordinary people, former government officials, and first of all officers and very soon the soldier-general Kornilov. There were Jews among those counter-revolutionaries, but overall that movement was the Russian national one.
In other words, Solzhenitsyn sees the writer as seeking the annihilation of the Russian national movement that was attempting to tame the excesses of the period, and he is phrasing on analogy with the genocidal accounts of the Old Testament: “So Joshua smote all the land, the hill-country, and the South, and the Lowland, and the slopes, and all their kings; he left none remaining; but he utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the Lord, the God of Israel, commanded” (Josh. 10:40). The Jewish writer is advocating a genocidal war (crushing their very seed) on the Russians on the basis of Jewish religious thinking— a war actually carried out by the Bolsheviks with Jews as willing executioners...

Finally, Solzhenitsyn does not blame the Jews for the October Revolution that brought in the Bolsheviks. Notice, however, that he implies that Jews, given their energy, organization, and influence that he details throughout the chapter, could have done more to stop it except that doing so would have violated their socialist sensibilities; and he does make an important qualification regarding Trotsky and Grigory Chudnovsky:
The closer it was getting to October coup and the more apparent the Bolshevik threat was becoming, the wider this realization spread among Jews, making them opposed to Bolshevism. It was taking root even among socialist parties and many Jewish socialists during October coup were actively against it, yet they were debilitated by their socialist views and their opposition was limited by negotiations and newspaper articles — until Bolsheviks shut down those newspapers.

It is necessary to state explicitly that the October coup was not made by Jews (though under general command of Trotsky and with energetic actions of young Grigory Chudnovsky during the arrest of Provisional Government and the massacre of the defenders of the Winter Palace). Broadly speaking, the common rebuke, that the 170-million-people could not be pushed into Bolshevism by a small Jewish minority, was justified. Indeed, we had ourselves sealed our fate in 1917, through our foolishness from February to October-December.
Solzhenitsyn’s comments on Trotsky and Chudnovsky suggest that individual Jews may have been a necessary condition for the Bolshevik coup. In any case, the foolishness of the ethnic Russians who dominated the Provisional Government had catastrophic consequences for the Russian people.

The events of 1917 presaged the most important chapter of the story of Jews and Bolshevism. In the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution Jews flocked to join the new government and became a pillar of the new regime, the most murderous regime in European history...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Jews and other low-cunning types always flock to the victor -- even if it betrays them as utterly without principle. Hence even though they weren’t fully on board Bolshevism early on, they flocked to it once the Bolsheviks became victorious.

Today, there’s even the specter of Jews flocking to the anti-zionist movement as a means of both hedging their bets and attempting to influence the outcome, although thankfully many of them are being exposed as the self-serving frauds they are.

Also interesting from this is that Jewry tapped into the Old Testament to marshal its communist ranks, just as it's done with its zionist ranks. It’s clear that Jewish supremacist religious doctrine is the organizational principle at the core of whatever ideology they embrace as a Trojan horse, be it communism, socialism, zionism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, globalism...and because influential individual Jews can be traced first back to a cohesive Jewish clique and secondly back to Jewish supremacist doctrine, this is their Achilles heel, because it proves they were serving their own particularistic, ethno-supremacist agenda all along (for example, Soros can be traced back to the Rothschilds), and see themselves as some kind of royal lineage destined to rule over humanity (and communism and zionism both demonstrate exactly how they rule over non-Jews when allowed the power: murderously).

Nearly all factions of organized Jewry should be identified in the West as a murderous, treasonous, supremacist, criminal conspiracy, and treated as a hostile element and hobbled and harrassed relentlessly, as was the mafia in the U.S.


The assimilated Jew Gilad Atzmon recently hosted a panel on "Zionism, Jewishness and Israel" which also revolved around the phenomenon of self-serving Jews attempting to conceal their Jewish supremacist orientation and agenda within some other movement.

Here's a little taste of Atzmon's position from an article he wrote on the event titled Britain’s Jewish “anti-Zionist” pretenders lose another battle :
"One of the panelists in the 3 May event told me that was hounded for three days by 12 different Jewish “anti-Zionists”. He also told me that all my detractors repeated the same line : “Gilad is not good for Palestine”. Yet, one stark fact is that not one single Palestinian and/or Gentile joined in the Jewish campaign against me. Once again, this highlights a crude manifestation of Jewish exceptionalism: some Jews in the “anti-Zionist” movement clearly feel that they “know better” what is good for the Palestinians. But how is it that they “know better”? Is it that they are slightly cleverer than the rest of us? Or is it that they are just chosen – which sounds pretty Zionist to me..."
"However, with me, these tactics have failed completely: frustratingly enough for my detractors, I am neither an activist nor a campaigner, and I am certainly not a politician. In fact, I am not a member of any club at all. I am an independent truth-seeker. I am not afraid of being alone. In fact, I prefer to be on my own and say what has to be said without inflicting damage on anyone. Clearly, this is a unique state of mind that our “kosher Trotskyites” cannot handle. The more pressure they mount on me, the more they prove my argument. The more they attempt to harass me, the more they prove my clear theories regarding their own duplicity and affiliation. They are in a limbo. They are in a no-win situation."
Indeed they are. And that is the position of all unpatriotic Israel-firsters, be they Jews or their political bootlickers and collaborators in the various "secular" internationlist ideologies controlled by Jewry: It's only a matter of time before they are exposed as the unpatriotic, treasonous, Judeofascist sock puppets they are.


My view is that the Talmud and Kabbalah keep Jewry contemptuous, hostile, and cohesively xenophobic and outright racist towards non-Jews, and imbue them with their low ethics and hostile orientation towards “the other.” The Old Testament provides them delusions of racial continuity dating back to the biblical era. I’m not sure where their money and power-worshipping characteristics originate, but it may be a survival mechanism that has mutated into an obsessive-compulsive (mental) disorder, similar to their fanatical drive for control of government and its purse strings.

There’s really no getting around the fact that they suffer from a hostile, group psychosis that manages to serve them fairly well for periods until they either meltdown from the weight of the psychological pressure of the scam, or non-Jews discover their treachery and do something about it.

The problem for non-Jews right now is that so many of them suffer from their own psychosis (itself largely imbued by Jewry via mass media and political and cultural influence) that Jewry is NOT a hostile enemy within, and is NOT working tenaciously against American interests on behalf of its own interests and agenda. This is a delusion.

So in some ways, one could say they do indeed have large factions of society in some kind of a delusional “trance,” that may or may not involve psychological trickery originally learned from kabbalah, transmuted through the Jewish community, and practiced upon non-Jews.

Can anybody deny that Jewry has a propensity and talent for playing mind games? Where does this originate?

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