Monday, May 09, 2011

Will ending Judeofascist tyranny end war? The historical and ongoing epic warmongering of Israel-first Zionist Jewry and its allies

Zionism Has Triumphed

( -- by Donald Cassidy --

After only a single century, the political movement, Zionism, has triumphed.

All of its connivings have been fulfilled by Washington. Sadly, its conspiracies have also caused World War II and World War III...and perhaps as much as a hundred million deaths.

Zionism began in Europe in the late 19th century like Communism. It was well financed (insert Rothschild) and quickly became influential in Europe. During World War I, it promised to deliver America on a silver platter to Britain in exchange for the Balfour Declaration, supporting a Jewish nation in Palestine. And deliver it did!

By 1917 the European nations were exhausted and bankrupt in every way after years of war and millions of casualties. Had Europe been left alone, war would have been impossible for the rest of the century. But thanks to Louis Brandeis' influence over a naïve President Wilson, fresh American armies and vast financial resources entered the war, tipping the traditional balance of power in Europe. The ensuing bloodbath of American troops was appalling, 160,000 dead in six months. It was the first instance of mass murder of American youth for Zionism and a future Israel.

After the war, a triumphant Britain, France and Zionism imposed crushing reparations on a defeated Germany at Versailles including an admission that it had started World War I. The reparations destroyed Germany and gave rise to Adolph Hitler (a Bush Family hero) who took office on only 37% of the vote but relied on boogiemen, terrorism, oppression, demagoguery, fear, etc. to establish a totalitarian government (familiar?). And World War II followed. Thus, Zionism was a significant cause of the rise of Adolph Hitler and World War II. So, too, an iceberg did not sink the Titanic; it was just floating there. The Titanic was steered into the iceberg.

And for the rest of the century Zionism "steered" America...particularly Washington. A continuing series of Jewish bankers and financiers have "had the ear" of all American presidents since World War I. In the early 1930s, Zionism demanded "regime change" in Germany; Hitler had to go. He stood in the way of Zionist exploitation of Germany, its property, its economy, its finances, etc. (insert Rothschild) just like the Federal Reserve System installed in America exploits the American people who unknowingly pledged all of their property and wealth, public and private, to the Federal Reserve which is owned by European Jewish banking families (insert Rothschild).

Today, in America, a tiny fraction of the populace, Zionists, own or control between one third and one half of the nation's total private wealth while millions of Americans are laid off and fifty million live in poverty. They dominate the finances of the nation. Remember Rothschild's motto, "Let me control the money of a country and I care not who is in power."

How did Zionism do it?

First, a national animosity for Germany had to be generated in America over decades by boycotts and propaganda (and corresponding sympathy for Zionism). Done! (The super-merchandisers super-promoted the slaughter of their own people into a Holocaust, ignoring the millions of murdered Gentiles as inconsequential.)

Next, a separate state of Israel had to be approved by Washington. Done!

Third, since Israel was not self-supporting, the American people would have to support Israel each year by billions in contributions, rising constantly. Done!

Then, Israel had to subvert the American electoral process by bribery and install "friends of Israel" in all important offices, elected and appointed, focusing on the Senate which approved appointments. Done! (Look at the names in Washington today).

Fifth, the mass media had to be monopolized to propagandize and brainwash the American people and influence their elections in favor of Zionism. Done!

Sixth, the American people must be forced to mindlessly support Israel in its military expansion in the Middle East against a defenseless Arab people by billions more in the latest weaponry and regime changes as required by Israel. Done!

Seventh, the American people must be rendered utterly subservient in the manner of a conquered nation through Zionist control of Washington. Done!

Now, on the verge of World War III, Zionism has totally triumphed.

The American people are captive to this vile parasite because of the perfidy of Washington. We must endure, yet again, the mass murder of our youth, for Zionism and Israel. Let US always remember the oil embargo suffered for Zionism and Israel which cost US our standard of living and transferred so much of our wealth to the American Oil Cartel. Indeed, the American people "owe" a great deal to Zionism and Israel. Washington has surrendered; it is up to US. Spread the word...LINK

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