Friday, May 13, 2011

Jewish editor for Pajamas Media quips Jewish Dems and Republicans are both anti-Ron Paul

Jewish Dems, Republicans agree...on Ron Paul

(Pajamas Media) -- by David Steinberg --

Paul’s conspiracy-theory laced history of isolationism has American Jews agreeing about something, which is good.

Anything to limit the appearance of those Ron Paul “Revolution” signs with “love” spelled backwards, which always made think of Paul as a guy who may, without warning, get a little handsy...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Oh, so the Judeofascist left and right are both opposed to an anti-war, anti-big government, anti-Fed, anti-state capitalism, pro-US sovereignty, pro-rights of US troops to competent military leadership, limited government, Christian constitutionalists.

A narrow, self-serving, big-government neocon/neolib fascist clique is opposed to Ron Paul...gee, what a surprise!

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Anonymous said...

No POTUS has dared to touch the fed after JFK got gunned down by the Rothschilds' hit men. Paul wants to audit the fed, that's enough to make jews want rid of him.