Monday, May 16, 2011

Wealthy Jewish “conservatives” push gay marriage on the GOP; money-worshipping Republicans bend over

We’re Rich; We’re Jewish: We Rule.
(The Occidental Observer) -- by John Graham --

Thanks to “Tom”, who by posting a link to it in the comment thread to my blog SEC’s Becker/Madoff saga: How could it smell worse? alerted me to Donors to G.O.P. Are Backing Gay Marriage Push by Nicholas Confessore and Michael Barbaro The New York Times May 13, 2011
As gay rights advocates intensify their campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, the bulk of their money is coming from an unexpected source: a group of conservative financiers and wealthy donors to the Republican Party, most of whom are known for bankrolling right-leaning candidates and causes.
Predictably, the NYT avoids the most significant aspect to this story, but the Capital J blog at the website is made of sterner stuff:
The New York Times runs a piece today on how the big money behind the push for sanctioning gay marriage in New York State is coming from Republicans.

The figures named are also Jewish….But I mean every name. Here’s what a quick Google search came up with:
–Paul Singer: on the boards of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and Commentary
–Daniel Loeb: Appeared at events for YIVO and the Jewish Enrichment Center.
–Clifford Asness: Likened Obama’s proposed tax policies to pogroms. (Yes, philanthropy would be nicer than name calling, but this is still a form of identification.)
–Steven A. Cohen: this excellent Tablet piece by Allison Hoffman exposes a rabbi who tried to use Cohen’s Jewishness in a scheme to extort money from him, but otherwise notes that Cohen’s philanthropy does not have much of a Jewish slant…
And then there’s former Republican National Committee chairman, Ken Mehlman, who’s organizing the whole GOP push, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also backs the initiative (but is no longer a Republican.) Jewish, Republican, pro-gay rights by Ron Kampeas – May 14, 2011
...This story is essentially a microcosm of the 21st Century American political process. Gay Marriage has invariably been rejected whenever the electorate gets a chance to vote on it. What these wealthy Jews are saying is that their opinions backed by their money should get paramountcy, and the preferences and religious scruples of the majority of their fellow countrymen count for nothing and should be ignored. It is a naked display of bigotry and brute financial force.

Perhaps they are moved by the obvious advantages of a political alliance with the wealthy and extremely aggressive homosexual lobby. But these particular men are supposed to be Republicans -- not much to be gained there. Perhaps they are thinking communally.

More likely the motive is straight out of Kevin MacDonald’s analysis – an insatiable and ferocious lust to eradicate the Christian aspects of the culture of their host, regardless of the fruits it has allowed them to reap...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Power-mad, diaspora Jews are usually contrarian to whatever traditionalist paradigm holds power that they covet and is resistant to Jewish infiltration and subordination. Hence, they will tenaciously oppose traditional [“anti-Semitic”] Christians, but not so much Judeo-Christian Zionist. They will tenaciously oppose traditional conservatives, but not so much neocon conservatives. Their main goal is to break the traditional power structure and replace its leadership with themselves. They have no real morals or ethics when it comes to this process, and I suspect that even highly religious Talmudic Jews would support using gay marriage to break any hostile, rival non-Jewish power structure if at least part of its agenda was to gain Jewish power.

Hence the Jewish Ken Mehlman who would not be tolerated in any conservative party in Israel would likely gain sanction from Israeli rabbis for doing what he is doing in the U.S. because it is part and parcel of breaking the traditional [“anti-Semitic”] Christian order with an agenda of replacing it with the Judeofascist power structure.

The ethnocentric Jew Mehlman is thus able to reconcile his Jewish supremacist identity with his homosexual identity, and while his homosexual identity might be tolerated in Israel right now, it wouldn’t be in the long run as the Judeofascist rabbis and Pharisees gain more and more power. And he unquestionably would NEVER be allowed in a plank-formulating leadership position of any conservative party in Israel.

In fact, he would be run out of such a party on a rail, and he most likely knows this. But that doesn’t stop him from pro-gay-marriage agitation in the U.S. on the one hand, and an Israel-first agenda on the other, because he knows he’s serving the interests of Jewish power by helping to break a traditional non-Jewish power structure outside of Israel.

All of this is what makes not only the Judeofascists, but their non-Jewish collaborators the most poisonous, destructive enemies of Western civilization known to man. Vis-à-vis the latter, any other traditionalist, pro-Western or Western conservative position these cads might take is more than outweighed by their Faustian willingness to collaborate with the Judeofascist predators.

In fact, they may even be worse than the Judeofascists because they often successfully pass themselves off as Christian and Western partisans, even as they cynically facilitate the most anti-Christian, anti-Western snakes ever known to man.

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You summed it up wonderfully. The only question remains to be answered is: how do we counter these age-old, nation-wrecking, subversives?