Thursday, May 26, 2011

Old Testament goggles: How Judeofascists and Judeo-Christian Zionists view the contemporary world and current events

The Book of Netanyahu

( -- by Philip Giraldi --

On the First Day Lord Netanyahu met with his faithful counselor Count Avigdor. Avigdor said, "O Lord Netanyahu, you must go even unto the land of the Obamaites to deal with their King. The Obamaites have rendered unto us their gold and precious goods in great abundance but now their King is seeking to treat with our enemies." Then Netanyahu spoke and his heart was full of anger. "Yea verily, we must smite them and also their wives and children and all that they hold dear. For even as we have smitten the children of Canaan we will strike them. They shall ken who is master and who is slave. Prepare for me my chariot of gold and I will journey even unto the land of the Obamaites with my host. Instruct our brethren in the land of the Obamaites to prepare for my coming with stealth. Organize them with weapons ready at hand and instruct them to deceive the Obamaites by declaring fealty and respect for the Kingdom of Obama so the King’s retainers will not fear them. When the King of the Obamaites declares his bad faith they shall be prepared to rise up and join us." And so it was done. Lord Netanyahu ascended into his chariot of gold to confront the King of the Obamaites and smite him sorely. And the children of Israel rejoiced.

On the Second Day the King of the Obamaites ascended to his throne in the mighty castle hewn from white stone, the seat of his forefathers. His thoughts were heavy but his heart was filled with cunning. "My messengers have brought me news that afflicts me sorely. Lord Netanyahu is coming in his chariot of gold with all his array even unto our land. He will make demands from the people of Obama and his heart is filled with anger. I will speak first to my people and grant Lord Netanyahu much of what he seeks and so we might avoid the righteous wrath of the Israelites." And so the King of the Obamaites spake to his people, saying "Lord Netanyahu is approaching our lands in his golden chariot with his mighty host. We have rendered unto the Israelites our gold and other precious goods and have pledged our fealty to them. But we must do more to avoid the wrath of Lord Netanyahu. We will grant Lord Netanyahu and the people of Israel all our goods and pledge our children and our children’s children for his wars against the Godless. We will confirm our pledge that the Land of Israel shall be forever the Land of the Godly untainted by unbelievers. More, we will use all our power to reject the false words of the children of Canaan, who have claimed the land of Israel for their own and seek to make league against her. We will do all that and more, but we will reserve only one thing to ourselves. Seeking peace for the Land of the Obamaites with the children of Canaan we will ask Lord Netanyahu to allow to them a small land of their own where they might settle in tranquility. That is all we shall ask."

On the Third Day Lord Netanyahu arrived even unto the Land of the Obamaites in his golden chariot accompanied by all his array. And he waxed wroth at the false words spoken by the King of the Obamaites. "I will go to confront the King of the Obamaites in his mighty castle hewn from white stone, the seat of his forefathers. I will instruct him that the Lord God of the Israelites is a cruel master who will smite those who do not heed his word. Why do the children of Canaan continue to vex us? It is three score years and more since we made their lands our own and we have slain them a hundred fold. Their raiment is torn and ragged. They shall not find a place where they can pile stone upon stone for a dwelling, nor draw water to slake their thirst, nor plant seeds to grow corn for their sustenance. Their wives and children will wander the earth but no one will grant them shelter." And the King of the Obamaites feared greatly at the words of Lord Netanyahu for he knew that the God of the Israelites was a cruel God but just and would smite the Obamaites with the plagues that once descended on Egypt. "I pledge my fealty to thee oh Lord Netanyahu for you are both just and powerful. My people ask only your intercession to spare them from the wrath of the mighty God of the Israelites." But Lord Netanyahu would not spare the Obamaites, for they had defied his own power and had erected false idols against the might of Israel’s God. "You know not of what you speak and you will feel my wrath when your own people rise up and call my name and that of the God of the Israelites." And so Lord Netanyahu departed from the white castle wherein dwelt the King of the Obamaites, who was much shaken and fearful of the anger of the Israelites.

On the Fourth Day the King of the Obamaites went to the great meeting of the friends of Lord Netanyahu who dwelt in his land and his heart was filled with cunning. "I will speak to them with guile and tell of my great love for Lord Netanyahu and the people of Israel lest they rise up and seize their weapons and bring suffering to the Land of Obama." And so it was done, but the friends of Lord Netanyahu were not deceived and they saw through the falseness of the King of the Obamaites’ words. But Lord Netanyahu bid them to conceal their displeasure and hide their weapons for a time as the wise counselor Count Avigdor had foreseen the cunning of the Obamaites. Lord Netanyahu would challenge the power of the King of the Obamaites twice and even thrice and would smite him again, even as David smote Goliath.

On the Fifth Day Lord Netanyahu also went to the great meeting the friends of Israel who dwelt in the land of Obama. His heart was filled with joy as a mighty roar rose to the heavens. He told them "The words of the King of the Obamaites are false. He seeks to make peace with the sons of Canaan but the God of the Israelites has said that the raiment of the sons of Canaan shall be torn. They shall find neither shelter, nor water, nor sustenance and will wander the earth as do creatures of the forest and field, moving from place to place in search of a home but no one will succor them." The friends of Israel then rose up as one and with a mighty voice affirmed the wisdom of Lord Netanyahu. "We will rise up against the King of the Obamaites and destroy the false idols that he has erected. We will rend asunder the children of Canaan."...MORE...LINK


Chris Moore comments:

It's truly sad and pathetic how the Judeo-Christian Zionists have now totally thrown out the New Testament and the words of the Prince of Peace, and completely converted themselves to Zionists. Of course, most of these were probably never really Christians at all in the first place, but rather, like the Judeofascists who are the object of their envy and wholesale loyalty, have always used religion to mask their base appetites like greed and racism, and to paper over their bottomless insecurities born of their self-chosen, free will path to mental derangement and sociopathy.

If only they'd given the words of Jesus a second glance...


And what about all those Jewish Zionists who dwell in the Blue States, provide the Democratic Party with 50% of its funding, comprise 25% of the Democratic caucus in the U.S. Senate, and have spearheaded the Israel-first agenda for decades? Are they to be given a "pass"?

The Red State, Judeo-Christian Zionist fascists (a small minority of Red State dwellers) are merely the useful idiots for the Blue State Judeofascists, who are the brains behind the operation, and dwell almost entirely in the Democratic Party because it is easily manipulated, and has always been oh-so-sympathetic to their poor, persecuted plight.

An unaccredited New York Times reporter once said: “When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled ‘made in Germany’; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism’”

He was partially right. It isn’t called “Americanism,” but rather Israel-firstism. And oh, what a perfect Trojan horse for fascism: fascism’s ultimate "victims." Talk about having license...

But then, doesn’t this article by Giraldi hint at how fascism is already inherent in their Torah religious doctrine?


Chu said...

Watching Harry Reid at AIPAC last week is a clear reminder of how corrupt the system is. And, it's hard to know if the president is a just a slick actor as well. We'll see what he says in the next month, but I suspect he'll fold (as he did previously) when the heat was on him.

Netanyahu's speech to the Congress was just incredible. I think that once the American elected representatives sell-out their principle's at the start of their political career, there's no turning back. They cant be trusted to self-reform.

Alternative parties need to develop, or something along these lines. One that will hopefully not absorb into the Democrat or Republican fold. That style of governance is useless to us. For it allows us to be literally controlled by a foreign government about major policy matters. We're headed for destruction, if we cant change course. Why cant people see this?

Chris Moore said...

Chu: "That style of governance is useless to us. For it allows us to be literally controlled by a foreign government about major policy matters."

Absolutely, Chu. Any political orientation or ideology that can be co-opted by a hostile foreign government or intellectually hostile ideology and turned against the interests of the majority is corrupt to the core.

We need to define our interests as Americans and as an important component of Western civilization, and get tough on all hostile interlopers, be they Zionists, fascists, neocons, communists, imperialists, Islamists, or their undergirding useful idiots...all of whom seek to either overthrow from within, or to co-opt and usurp Western or American moral authority in pursuit of their own, particularistic, self-serving agenda.

Down with warmongering parasites and ideologues.

Chu said...

yeah, I think there will be a willingness of people in the US to achieve common ground. We've witnessed some of this in the tea party (although many on the left believe it's racist in nature, which is sad that they are reliant on big media to decide for them.)

ugh, just read this link:
Israel as our liaison for Iraqi oil. Can you imagine the exuberance of Congress? And surely, It would give Congress another excuse to worship the Knesset.
Always remember, there can be no daylight between us. [AIPAC memo #7438]

Chris Moore said...

My general take is that all of these ethno-tribal and ideological-tribal, state-suckling, gangster formulations such as Judeofascism, Nazism, Bolshevism, Zionism La Raza, neo-conservatism etc. should all be put out to pasture. They’re anachronistic, particularly in light of the accomplishments of a multi-cultural (but traditional Christian-grounded) Western civilization. The problems is that when Jews, Hispanics, Nazis, leftists etc start organizing upon hard racial and ethno-ideological lines, the mass of Whites are forced to do so as well, which is part of what the tea party movement is about.

This is a repeat of what went on in the 20th Century when Jewish Bolshevik and leftist gangsters and thugs took control of the Russia, created the Soviet Union, and began slaughtering Christians and dissidents en masse. It wasn’t long before the Nazis arose in Germany in response and emulation, hijacked the country (similarly to how America was hijacked by neo-conservatism in response to the 9/11 attacks, allegedly carried out by Islamists), and forced Germany down a very wrong path (similar to how the neocons, neolibs and Zionists have forced post 9/11 America down a very wrong path).

Honestly, I have to say I believe the Judeofascists are to blame for much of all this. Wherever there’s trouble, abuse of human good will, and the deliberate sowing of strife and pitting of group against group, they seem to be the ones lurking behind the curtains, opportunistically scheming, and pulling the strings.

But without other low-cunning, soul-selling collaborators and emulators, they’d never get very far.