Monday, May 09, 2011

With Israel, God has exposed the innately wicked nature of the Judeofascists and their collaborators

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

(The Ugly Truth) -- by Mark Glenn --

Well, well, pardon my French, but you really got your tit caught in a wringer this time, didn’t you now? The little jackal has finally bitten off more than he could swallow and picked a fight with a mammoth who’s had just about enough of his heals being nipped. Now it’s not just a small town in Europe or Russia wanting your collective head on a silver platter, but almost the whole world, and of those, 1.5 billion Muslims who have already demonstrated clearly that they cannot be bought off or bullied when it comes to calling in that I-O-U they have been holding since their lands were invaded and their women and children murdered en mass.

No, I am not gloating per se…It’s just that I–like many people who have been waiting a long time for this–am ‘savoring the moment,’ as the old saying goes.

It’s a lesson that’s way-past due and high-time you folks learned–crime does not pay. Whatever gains you might make in the short term through lying and thieving, eventually it all evaporates into thin air and what remains is a bill 100 times higher than what the original score netted. When the bottom line is finally tallied at the end of the day, what intelligent people find is that it is much more profitable to just play by the rules and live honestly rather than to get involved in some get-rich-quick scheme that 11 times out of 10 is rooted in something crooked.

But then, this has always been your way, hasn’t it? Fast-moving shell games, Ponzi schemes and shortcuts. Rather than playing fair and paying the piper what you rightfully owe him, of doing an honest day’s work by the sweat of your brow, instead you always insist upon half-assing it every step of the way. Cut corners here, cut corners there until the whole thing just falls apart (or blows up) right in your faces. Just like Cain, everything about the way you do business has to be mired in shortcuts and short-changing, and then when it doesn’t work out the way you want, out come the temper tantrums, the scheming, the violence and subsequent cover-ups.

And now, we have the ‘mother’ of all your screw-ups and fly-by-night deals, the state of Israel…The source of all unrest in the world today and the fountain from which flow waters of nothing but trouble and woe. The ‘Great Experiment’ in Jewish self-rule that’s turned out to be a big goose egg for 6 billion people on the planet. Talk about fraudulent investment schemes that leave naïve investors holding a piece of paper worth less than a bubble gum wrapper. One day it will be remembered as the biggest scam, the biggest black hole in mankind’s history, like the search for the Fountain of Youth or trying to turn some worthless metal like lead into gold. An entire half century now of ceaseless warfare resulting in the deaths of millions of people, the loss of billions of dollars and the spilling of trillions of gallons of blood and tears, and what does the world have to show for it?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing, except of course that mountain of suffering you’ve created for your victims. The rest of us have been forced to expend our most precious resources and sacrifice the peace and order of our respective nations just so that you Jews–one seemingly insignificant group of self-absorbed people–could have your turn at bat and have the one thing that you’ve not been able to achieve on your own through hard work and ingenuity throughout your entire history–a country of your own, and with it the reason for which countries exist–stability, peace and prosperity.

In all fairness though, you don’t deserve ALL the blame for this disaster. The rest of us should have known from history that nothing of any good could come from this boondoggle. After all, we knew from the beginning it was going to be built with the same kind of construction materials you’ve always used when erecting your slums and ghettos, meaning Judaistic thinking. This being the case means that there could only be one result, which is that today’s monument to Jewish ingenuity–Israel, that ‘blessing upon mankind’–is nothing more than a backwards, violent, dishonest, parasitic, predatory nuthouse built upon the same gangster principles that have always been the philosophical lifeblood of your people and which have always gotten you into trouble, ever since a guy named Abraham sold his wife to Egypt’s pharaoh by claiming she was his virgin sister.

Rather than spending the last 4,000 years learning from your mistakes, rather than learning to cooperate with others and to pull yourselves out of that ghetto mindset that has time and again caused the rest of us (in the interests of our own survival) to react negatively towards you, instead you sat and brooded, clutching these collective character flaws as if they were gems of some incalculable value until you could regroup and start the doomed process all over again. And now, not merely content with wallowing in your own misery, you have decided to take the rest of us down with you, just as your famed military historian Martin Van Creveld threatened would happen.

But as I said, none of us should really be surprised at this. After all, do we really entertain for a moment the notion that the Almighty decided to prevent this cancer from taking root in the body of mankind just because He was some kind of anti-Semitic/neo-Nazi/lover-of-Hitler/Islamofascist hatemonger? No, He knew what He was doing. His eyesight was (and is) a hell of a lot better than that of us mere mortal men and knew that allowing this thing known as the Jewish state–Israel–to stand was a disaster in the making. He knew damned-well that the worst thing that could happen to the well-being of everyone–Jew and non-Jew alike–would be for a group of rebellious, covetous, dishonest, violent-minded narcissists to acquire their own state where they do not have to mind their p’s and q’s. It would be like Al Capone and his gang getting a nation of their own, along with the military force to back up their criminal agenda. Being that the Jewish state was (and always would be) founded upon the twisted logic of Judaistic thinking (the essence of which is that of an exalted group of people given a blank check to do unto others whatever the hell they feel like doing) was obviously not something that a just, merciful God could allow to take place.

And this is the reason why you people have never had a country of your own, because the Father of all is a wise, just, and merciful God, all your historically-documented spiteful statements about Him notwithstanding. His laws of nature–survival of the fittest being just one–are the reasons why for the good of all mankind the Jewish state has never thrived. This is why on those few occasions when the attempt was made to bring forth this child known as Israel what was produced was a lifeless, sickly stillborn, unable to survive on its own without assistance, because the qualities necessary for the survival of a nation–justice, fair play, honesty, mercy, equity–all these are traits not part of the same Judaic mindset that revels in dishonesty, usury, envy and exploitation of others.

And now, here we are, on the brink of that thing mankind has been awaiting with dread for thousands of years known as Armageddon, where the very real possibility exists of all life on the planet being wiped out, and again, all because one small group of people insist upon having it ‘their way’ 110% of the time instead of learning to live in peace and harmony with others...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Great insights by Mark Glenn. He certainly nailed their character.

But supremacist Jewry failed in its efforts to rule the world via Bolshevik Communism, so it switched to hyper-Capitalism and Zionism; hence now that it is so close (or believes itself to be) we all know it won't dismantle its "master work."

No, it and its collaborators will continue to press forward either until they succeed in enslaving much of the world, or until they are forcibly subdued and severely punished for their crimes against humanity. Sending up a prayer that supremacist Jewry will somehow develop a conscience after thousands of years of sociopathy is, sadly, a waste of time.

Even Jesus eventually threw in the towel and declared them the children of Satan, so who are we to question His ultimate judgment?

It's time to face up to what must be done: these psychopaths must be rounded up and subjected to a sequel to the Nuremberg trials -- both supremacist organized Jewry and its ideological Zionist, neocon and neoliberal collaborators.

It’s the only way to expose them once and for all, and to make an example to other satanically ambitious, particularistic psychopaths tempted to follow in their footsteps.

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