Monday, May 09, 2011

With their fascist network increasingly in spotlight, ideological Zionists resort to open bullying and speech censorship tactics -- and brag about it

Israel-First claims control of tenure at Yale and Georgetown

( -- by Michael Scheur --

Since Osama bin Laden died, my Israel-First friends have returned to attacking me with gusto. Good old — I think his name is Mark Grayson, who claims to be a brilliant and wealthy lawyer — popped up to threaten me with legal action, and someone person called Alan Reynolds ( has begun sending slanderous materials about me to the media outlets I appeared on or talked to this week, starting with the Dallas Morning News. Worth noting is that Reynolds recommends that people talk to the scholar Walid Phares rather than me. Readers of this space will recall that Mr. Phares’ name also came up in the mix during the last spate of Israel-First attacks on me.

But the most interesting development in this round of Israel-First threats and attacks is the appearance of a person called “Margaret King” ( She has written to FOX along the same slanderous line as Mr. Reynolds above –Ms. King indicated that a man named Larry Johnson ( did the “reserach” — and she also has written to tell me that she is sending my “anti-Semitic” comments to the President and Provost at Georgetown. This is the tactic of old British18, but she says she and Israel-First have control over tenure appointments at Georgetown and will get them to deny me tenure — I’m an adjunct professor, so not eligible for tenure — just as she and Israel First got Yale to deny tenure to Juan Cole...MORE...LINK

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