Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another outed Zionist lech in meltdown? Muttering of conspiratorial “tactics,” Jewish Zionist A. Weiner defensive, angry on question of lewd tweet

Rep. Anthony Weiner calling a CNN producer a Jackass

(YouTube.com) -- by GCrowdy --

Judeofascism file on Anthony Weiner


Chris Moore comments:

Notice how fast-talking Weiner keeps trying to change the subject to his ostensibly crucial political and legislative position (as if he isn't just another bought-off political cog in leviathan's wheel), and refuses to answer whether or not he sent the lewd tweet even as the reporter keeps hectoring him to simply so "no" if he didn't. He then resorts to the classic Zionist trick of implying there's a conspiracy against him, hinting that someone hacked into his twitter account and sent the lewd tweet to make it look like it came from him, all in a "tactic" to sabotage the crucial role he's playing for the American people as a political stooge.

Again, as the reporters keep asking him, if that's what really happened, why doesn't Weiner simply contact the Capital police and report it as a crime? The guy is just another in a long line of fast-talking Zionist hustlers, scam artists and pathological liars attempting to pass themselves off as pillars of society.

Whether Israel-first Jewish Zionists or Israel-first Gentile Zionists, these people have the integrity, character and morals of an alley rat, yet attempt to hold themselves up as essential to the proper functioning of American society.

It would be laughable if they weren't so corrosive and poisonous to society all the way around.

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