Friday, June 24, 2011

Crypto-Jewish supremacists in charge of the left-totalitarian "anti-Zionist" movement?

(Occidental Observer Comments) -- by John Cameron --

...Worse [than right-wing Judaics] are the rightists’ left wing Jewish enablers who dominate the pro Palestinian/peace movements. These people profess western values while still continuing to insist on retaining their tribal identities. This identity includes a marked aversion to the idea of unfettered free speech by Gentiles of any stripe.

But a change is coming. The single best debunker of these people is Gilad Atzmon. Atzmon simply uses pure logic to make these people look both profoundly provincial and downright silly. I have personally seen him completely silence groups of normally very noisy and aggressive left wing Berkeley Jewish activists, something that is usually almost impossible to do. He simply laughs at their tribal sensitivities. They can’t rationally debate him and so they end up sitting quietly fuming in their seats, while planning to make sure that Atzmon has no speaking venue the for the next time he is in town.

Atzmon , almost alone, has become the most effective supporter of Israel Shamir. Shamir is absolutely number one on the hate lists of both Israel and all stripes of American Jews, both right and left wing. Shamir is so hated in in the US that when a small monthly left wing newspaper California’s “The Coastal Post” simply printed an article by Shamir, organized Jewry (OJ) simply put the newspaper out of business by threatening its advertisers.

Atzmon is now in the process of disassembling Phil Weiss of the supposedly “progressive” Mondoweiss website . Weiss still seems to think that he can retain his “chosen-ness” while at the same time preaching western values of universalism. He now seems to be getting increasingly and effectively challenged courtesy of Atzmon. Atzmon’s questioning of Weiss (printed on Atzmon’s website) seems to have had an effect. Weiss now seems increasingly befuddled and defensive...

Similarly, that old hypocrite Michael Lerner of Tikkun fame seems to have been taken down a notch or two courtesy of a recent two hour private encounter with Atzmon that occurred when Atzmon was recently in the San Francisco area on a speaking tour. This meeting was off the record so no one other than the participants knows exactly what was said. Maybe during it Atzmon asked Lerner how exactly “left wing activist” Lerner’s son ended up recently serving in the Israeli Defense Force.

Naomi Wolf, the icon of young left wing Judaism, also seems to be breaking with the tribe. I have recently heard her say some things so over the top that were positively “Mel Gibson-ish.”

The Tribe is always on the lookout for such transgressions however. No more big book contracts for Naomi!!! No more appearances on faux “Democracy Now” either...MORE...LINK
Too cool to play the fool: rogue Jew Gilad Atzmon gives the left-wing of organized Jewry fits

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