Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jewish Zionist-owned Democratic Party: Obama admin says it may be forced to bankrupt UN if it recognizes Palestinian statehood

Susan Rice Feels the Heat of the Israel Lobby

(The Progressive Realist) -- by The Editors --

UN Ambassador Susan Rice is feeling the weight of the Israel lobby. She virtually said as much in a little-noticed talk she gave last week to the United Nations Association. Discussing the possibility that a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state could pass the General Assembly in September, she said, “And this would be exceedingly politically damaging in our domestic context, as you can well imagine. And I cannot frankly think of a greater threat to our ability to maintain financial and political support for the United Nations in congress than such an outcome.” (See video below, around the 6:30 mark.)

This threat helps explain why, as Rice says, the administration is putting “extraordinary efforts and energy” into bringing Israelis and Palestinians into negotiation in hopes of derailing the September initiative—even though everyone knows the talks won’t go anywhere so long as the current Israeli government is in power. And this threat—along with other tools wielded by the Israel lobby—also helps explain why the Obama administration has signaled to Israel that, if the initiative isn’t derailed, the US will vote against it.

What a sad testament to the damage being done to America’s national security by Benjamin Netanyahu. In an age when terrorism is said to be the gravest threat to Americans at home and abroad, we’re going to do jihadist recruiters the favor of amping up Arab antipathy toward the US by opposing this Palestinian quest for statehood? In an age when collective international action is increasingly vital to world order, congress may slash funding to the United Nations?...MORE...LINK

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