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Double-dealing Judeofascists try to enlist Muslims in coalition to eradicate non-Jewish right-wingers, traditional Christians; Muslims not interested

Guilt-tripping the Europeans

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

In May a high-level meeting of Muslim and Jewish leaders in Europe was held to express their concern about the rise of the European anti-Muslim right. The meeting was organized by three Jewish groups, two of them American: Rabbi Marc Schneier’s Foundation For Ethnic Understanding, an important organization aimed at cementing ties between Jews and non-White groups, and its close ally, philanthropist Ronald Lauder’s World Jewish Congress. (See also John Graham’s “American Rabbi: Europe must accept immigration swamping.”) The European Jewish Congress was also involved in organizing the event, but no Muslim groups were involved. This was therefore a Jewish project from beginning to end.

Their formal statement is yet another attempt to justify the death of the West as a moral imperative. Europeans are urged to live up to their ideals:
We are troubled by the growth of racist and xenophobic movements. We believe that individuals and organizations espousing such malign and hateful ideologies represent a grave threat to the fundamental European values of pluralism, democracy, mutual respect and cooperation.
Such statements always remind me of Israel Zangwill’s statement during the 1920s immigration debate in America: “You must make a fight against this bill; tell them they are destroying American ideals. Most fortifications are of cardboard, and if you press against them, they give way” (see here, p. 266). Destroy them by appealing to their moral idealism.

Pluralism and democracy are wonderful, uniquely European inventions, and they are quite adaptive as institutions among Europeans. However, in the context of massive non-European immigration they are a prescription for cultural and eventual genetic suicide.

Incidentally, pluralism and democracy have no role in traditional Jewish society, thus, I suppose, absolving Jews of any need to live up to such ideals. This is exemplified by a remarkable account of a recent assault on a dissident Jew in the Hasidic community of New Square, New York. Israel Shahak has described the authoritarian, anti-democratic structure of traditional Jewish communities in Europe and has noted that such incidents of intolerance toward other Jews were common.

The statement completely avoids talking about what the multicultural future will mean for Europeans, noting only that the problem is “complex”:
We recognise that the issues of identity, integration, multiculturalism and immigration are complex ones which need to be addressed properly and in consultation with the minority communities in Europe.
Translation: We are not going to spell out what the future multicultural Europe will be like because any reasonable vision of the future would be rejected out of hand by thinking Europeans. Europeans should embrace this future without questioning the likely consequences to themselves and their traditional culture. Trust us, it will all work out...MORE...LINK

MacDonald: "no Muslim groups were involved"

Chris Moore comments:

It's to the credit of these Muslims that they are unwilling to get in bed with the left-wing of the Judeofascist ideology. Having gone through the experience of having the right-wing of Judeofascism and its "secular," "liberal" and neocon stooges attempting to wipe out Islamic civilization under the auspices of "democracy," "progressivism," and "humanitarianism" for the last ten years, they no doubt recognize that this is merely the anti-Western civilization equivalent of the ringer they themselves have been put through, and that anyone who gets in bed with the Judeofascist devil ultimately gets burned.

This just goes to show how much more civilized certain elements of Islamic civilization are than the many Whites in both the Establishment Right and the Establishment Left currently in bed with the Judeofascists either in the attempt to snuff Islamic civilization or in the attempt to snuff Western civilization, or both.

Didn't these Jewish totalitarians foresee that the day would eventually come when the Christians and Muslims would see through their murderous double-dealing, and that they would pay a heavy price for their treachery?

Probably not, given that they are clearly sociopathic narcissists and psychopaths.

The question that will need to be answered by Christians and Muslims soon down the line is: what is to be done with the Judeofascists and their Left-Right, pseudo-secular, Zionist and Marxist snake collaborators?

"We don't want them...let Islamic civilization take them!"

"No, we don't want them...Western civilization should take them!"

Maybe we can together set up a snake-refuge and autonomous oblast in Madagascar.

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