Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberal fascism: The "progressive" statist-left loves and pampers its wealthy Judeofascist wing as yet another "vulnerable" minority

‘House divided cannot stand’ (Netroots tried to embrace Zionists and non-Zionists in vague, squishy hug)

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

...Netroots is closely aligned with the Democratic Party but it is capable of taking grass roots stands on important freedom issues, and this is why I must repeat the lesson of day 2 of the conference, It made no room on the main stage for an antiwar position or a criticism-of-Israel position. In listing the components of Netroots, Van Jones said, Labor unions, LGBT, racial justice, enviros, immigrants rights....

Were I ever in Dan Choi’s position I would issue my own litmus test, supporting Palestinian freedom and statehood. But of course I’m not in his position--he was sitting next to Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake, who also finesses the issue, and so I had to have my conversations about Israel and Palestine out in the hall or in side rooms. I had some great conversations, and I will soon relate one with a brave young Palestinian, but I noted in my movements in the hall that there were several strong supporters of Zionism there, including J Street. And the official Netroots policy seems to be a belief that a two-state solution is right around the corner if we can only whistle and hop up and down on one foot for a minute; and by maintaining some vagueness about this issue, it is trying to keep everyone happy.

I don’t think it will keep everyone happy. As somebody once said on a related moral issue, a House divided against itself cannot stand. But if that house is ever going to fall, if vaguely blind support for Israel is going to be challenged at Netroots, it is going to take a lot of folks who are as brave and out as Lieutenant Choi. And that hasn't come to pass. The Zionists and the non-Zionists look at one another warily, and the Satan at every microphone at Netroots was the Koch Brothers. I didn’t hear one person denounce Netanyahu. Netanyahu, a rightwing religious leader who has got my president in a half-nelson-- Netroots has nothing to say on the question. It’s a complete abdication. The top line of the Nation’s cover the same week was “Can Obama Beat the Israel Lobby?” by Henry Siegman; I didn’t hear one reference to the Israel lobby in Minneapolis...MORE...LINK
Zionism is racism, yes. But some kinds of racism (Jewish) are more acceptable than others, says the squirmy-brained left (per its Jewish-instigated, Orwellian, bi-polar, Marxist doctrine)

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