Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Liberal" Jew Jon Stewart can racially mock Black politicians no end, but if White conservatives simply criticize Black politicians, they're "racist"

Is Jon Stewart Racist?

( -- by Bernard Goldberg --

Let's say a white guy goes on television, puts on an exaggerated "Amos 'n Andy" "black voice" and proceeds to make fun of a black man whose politics the white guy doesn't like. Actually, let's say he goes beyond merely making fun of the black man. Let's say he tries to make the black man sound downright stupid. Does that make the white guy a racist?

The correct answer is ... it depends.

If the white guy is Rush Limbaugh and the black man is Barack Obama, then of course the white guy is a racist - according to liberals.

But if the white guy is Jon Stewart and the black man is Herman Cain, the conservative businessman seeking the Republican nomination for president, well, then, that's another story.

The other night Jon Stewart went on his show, and while he didn't put on blackface makeup and start tap dancing he did put on a "black voice" and proceeded to mock Mr. Cain in a way that would never be tolerated if a conservative had done it.

Yet liberals didn't scream "racist" the way they do when they see a tea party rally or when a conservative so much as looks askance at Barack Obama. Instead, they laughed. They thought it was a regular riot that a genius like Jon Stewart made that conservative black guy sound like a dumb character in a minstrel show.

But why isn't Jon Stewart a bigot, when Limbaugh and Hannity and O'Reilly would be tagged as racists if they had done the very same thing?...MORE...LINK
Sadistic left-liberal Judeofascist Jon Stewart viciously mocks and ridicules presidential candidate Herman Cain with all kinds of racial innuendo to the delight of his wild-eyed liberal audience

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someone should find where the dude lives and teach him a lesson