Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tribal Judeofascist "liberals" who have Democratic Party in their pocket demand Obama give them all or nothing on Judeofascist state

‘Politico’ says Jewish Democratic donors may abandon Obama, though they like Dennis Ross

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

Lest you doubt the strength of the Israel lobby, here's a long report at Politico by Ben Smith undermining Obama on Israel inside the Democratic Party-- despite efforts by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Ed Rendell to save the day. Obama is "losing the faith" of Jewish Democratic donors, Smith ventures, and then strings together the usual ultra-Zionist statements of fidelity to Israel from party activists.

The piece demonstrates the conservatism of Jewish Democrats on this issue-- these are people opposed to dividing Jerusalem, though they'd never want to live there-- the importance of Jewish money to the Democratic Party, and also the reason there's been no Palestinian state for 64 years since it was promised, because American Jews with access are against it, and now have a fresh set of fears (Hamas) with which to attack the idea. Not a word here about the fearful Christian Zionists. No, on the Democratic side, the lobby is Jewish and wealthy. Also, notice how important the presence in the White House of Dennis Ross is to these Israel-backers, a policymaker who cares about Israel...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Yet more hypocrisy and double standards from the sick liberal fascists that comprise the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Israel is a tribal, fascist state. The American Jews who so tenaciously support it are themselves viciously tribal and quasi-fascist in the U.S. itself when it comes to helping themselves to taxpayer money (the Israel lobby, the Jewish banksters connected to the Fed, Homeland Security funds going to "Jewish security," etc.) and are additionally quasi-fascist in using their tribal networks to scratch their way to the top.

Although not as effective as organized Jewry, certain groups of Hispanics (e.g. La Raza) and Blacks (e.g. the Black Caucus) are themselves viciously tribal and quasi fascist in terms of hating other races, only helping their own, and helping themselves to taxpayer funds.

It seems that only Whites and Asians aren't allowed to play by fascist rules, because the neocon-neolib Parasite Class knows that if they did, the entire country would become Balkanized, would go to pieces in the form of racial tribal warfare, and their meal ticket would end. You see, the liberal fascist Parasite Class doesn't really care about the country or it's future, they're merely concerned with keeping their own nests feathered by enslaving hard working Whites and Asians, and doling out ever larger chunks of the money extracted from them by the federal government to themselves, the Judeofascists, and the tribal Black and tribal Hispanic gangsters (perhaps comprising 30% of the U.S. citizenship of each of those populations, at most, but nearly all voting for the liberal fascists because they are encouraged to vote themselves taxpayer largesse and spoils).

The only way to ever put an end to this insanity is to get rid of the treasonous Judeofascists who have been pulling the strings and greasing the skids on this entire racket and Ponzi scheme for decades, and who exist with one foot in America and one foot in Israel, anyway. Let's just give them a little shove, so that both feet are in Israel.

I can almost guarantee that without the scheming, Machiavellian Judeofascist ring leaders, the other tribal fascists and the liberal fascists would fall like a house of cards.

Those unwilling to commit to that shove are clearly not Christian, patriotic, or humane enough to do what needs to be done to save the country (which would additionally almost summarily end the U.S. wars being fought in the Middle East for the Judeofascist Israelis), and would rather opportunistically cling to their greedy, pathetic, grasping little status-quo existence than do what so clearly needs to be done.

Unless a critical mass of Americans can be convinced to repatriate the Judeofascists to their primary loyalty, probably sooner rather than later, this country is finished -- and will most certainly have earned its own demise due to utter lack of patriotism, rank greed and craven cowardice.

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