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A tight-knit cult of bigotry: Jewish syndicate circles the wagons around racist, raving Jewish federation tyrant


(Las Vegas Tribune) -- by Tribune Staff --

On March 30, 2010, a charge of discrimination – both racial and religious – was filed at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Las Vegas local office against the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. The charge was filed by Arthur J. Bloberger, former editor of the federation’s own Jewish Reporter, a publication with a rich and longstanding record of service to the Las Vegas Jewish community, which was unceremoniously cancelled late last year. In the charge, Bloberger relates corroborated instances where federation CEO Elliot B. Karp used contemptuous racial epithets such as “nigger” and “shvatsa” (the Yiddish equivalent of the former), as well as experiencing several instances of personal verbal harassment for being a “non-Jew.”

Although the EEOC would neither confirm nor deny their investigation of these official charges, a copy of the charges stamped as received by the EEOC on March 30 has been verified by a knowledgeable third party as authentic. A lengthier, more detailed statement previously made by Bloberger was also filed with the EEOC in which he declared, “I knew I could no longer work under someone so hateful, so racist. So I began to type my resignation, making the reasons quite clear. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, and also, I think, one of the most important. I sent it to Karp and (incoming Chairman of the Board Leonard) Stone, as well as the outgoing Chairman of the Board, Danny Greenspun.”

Approximately two weeks prior to his resignation, Bloberger attempted to resolve the matter along with a trio of other Karp-harassed federation employees – Advertising Director Joanne Friedland, Senior Lifeline Director Jackie Kassower, and Communications Director Mark Levine – by meeting with Stone when Greenspun was away on summer vacation. According to Levine, “I personally witnessed more than a dozen instances of Mr. Karp complaining about the fact that Arthur was a ‘non-Jew,’ often distastefully so. In my capacity, I worked closely with Arthur and never saw any evidence that his religion compromised his ability to produce a high-quality Jewish newspaper, something he was doing long before Karp came to Las Vegas.”

It has been overwhelmingly confirmed by this reporter that in the meeting, Stone refused to even listen to any of the staff’s issues with Karp by first stating that he and Karp were “joined at the hip,” followed by, “I don’t know what your problems are with Elliot Karp, but if it’s not razor blades and white powder on his desk, then we just don’t want to hear it!”

Shortly after Bloberger’ s resignation, two of the meeting’s other three attending complainants, Friedland and Levine, were terminated by Karp, followed soon after by the dismissal of Campaign Director/Women’s Philanthropy Director Charry Kennedy, who also dared to complain to Stone about Karp’s harassing behavior.

Says Kennedy, “In various meetings with Elliot Karp, statements were made to me regarding a ‘non-Jew’ being unqualified to be editor of a Jewish publication, even though Arthur had 30 years of publishing experience. It was embarrassing to him that a ‘non-Jew’ would interview rabbis and other Jewish constituents in the community. In full staff meetings, Elliot would openly show his anger and bias against Arthur and humiliate him in front of other co-workers and staff that reported to Arthur.”.

Believe me, this all breaks my heart,” Bloberger told the Las Vegas Tribune. “Until Karp came along at the end of 2008, being editor of the Jewish Reporter was the best job I ever had, and it became my life. I loved it and I toiled endlessly at it. My relationship with the Las Vegas Jewish community and the job I did for them was something of which I was very proud. I have to say, my experience working for and with that community was 99.9 percent positive. But Karp practically destroyed it all with his bigotry. A man like that should not be the spokesman for the Jewish people of Las Vegas, or any other place for that matter.”...MORE...LINK
Racist Zionism invades Vegas: Karp (above) allegedly smeared Black Gentiles as “nigger” and “shvatsa” (Yiddish) and created such a poisonous working environment that White Gentile editor Bloberger was forced to resign in disgust

Chris Moore comments:

Is it my imagination, or are leading factions of Jewry becoming ever more blatant in their anti-Gentile racism? They must be in the "heady-chutzpah" stage of their perpetual cycle that inevitably ends with many of them getting squashed like bugs for their arrogant, savage abuses brought on by a collective psychosis and delusions of grandeur and invincibility.

Reading the article, it seems a few of the saner Jews on staff defended editor Bloberger from the racist Jewish tyrant Karp, and themselves were consequently fired by the syndicate. These syndicate-psychos seem to demand ALL Jews either comply with their racist, suicidal cycle and its gurus, or be banished and verboten forever.

Ironically, the syndicate's self-imposed plight reminds me of the story of the mark of Cain, wherein Cain is destined to wander the world marked in hatred and disgrace, but never totally snuffed out.

No wonder there’s such a tiny number of Jews worldwide even though it’s the oldest continuous religion. They’re a racist death-cult that regularly fulfills its suicidal cultural wish, but always manages to keep enough alive for another round of abuses, as both perpetrator and victim.

****I didn’t originally notice the picture of Bloberger. The way the article is framed, it makes its sound like Karp created a hostile working environment for Bloberger by using the terms “nigger” and “shvats” (implying Bloberger is Black).

But it should also be remembered that Zionist Jews regard all non-Jews as the equivilent of “niggers.” These people have no equilibrium, no “middle path,” no larger perspective beyond their insular existence and clique, which is why they are incapable of building civilizations and instead have to settle for a noxious culture, on both a personal and collective level.

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