Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad business: The Wall Street Journal's quasi-fascist, ideologically Zionist war against Islamic civilization

Yellow Journalism at Its Nastiest

( -- by John Taylor --

Can anyone doubt that The Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages show rabid anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bias? Consider early June: Fouad Ajami kicked off the month with a piece critical of Palestinian plans to obtain UN recognition for their state. Ajami asserts that when the Israelis took this route in 1948, “Labor Zionism” had already done the “hard work” of nation-building, and UN recognition was merely a seal on its efforts. According to Ajami, however, for the Palestinians to seek recognition through the UN is illegitimate; the only appropriate path for them is bilateral negotiations with Israel.

Ajami’s hypocrisy is breathtaking. To write, as he does, that a Palestinian state “requires convincing a decisive Israeli majority that statehood is a herald for normalcy” is beyond absurd and flies in the face of a century of Zionist theory and practice. Zionism has consistently sought to marginalize or expel the Palestinians, initially by denying Arabs employment in Zionist colonies, later by ethnic cleansing, and today by continuing to colonize the West Bank while making the lives of the Palestinians as difficult as possible.

Ajami well knows, but omits, that Zionism throughtout its history has made extensive use of international institutions and has also frequently sought and received help from the rich and powerful. When the Zionist experiment was on the brink of bankruptcy around the beginning of the 20th century, the House of Rothschild bailed out the early colonists. And when the Arabs were advancing in the desert, fighting the Turks as allies of the British for a country of their own, the Zionists were also advancing. But they were advancing in salons and government offices in London and Washington, the result being the Balfour Declaration, promising a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine...

Two days after Ajami’s piece appeared, the Journal printed another op-ed about Palestinian statehood, this time by former UN ambassador John Bolton. Without a word about why the U.S. ought to oppose statehood for Palestine, Bolton, probably figuring his long service as an apologist for the Zionist enterprise would be explanation enough, suggested that the U.S. should stop paying its UN dues if the General Assembly approved a resolution recognizing Palestinian statehood...

Appearing the same day as Bolton’s piece was an opinion piece by a Dutch politician, Frits Bolkestein, regretting Europe’s multiculturalism and loss of confidence in European culture and values in the face of non-European, especially Muslim, immigration. Even in Bolkestein’s Journal article the Palestinians get slapped around. Bolkestein disingenuously compares the plight of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation with that of Christians in predominantly Muslim societies, forgetting that Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians and others is enabled by a loud and self-righteous chorus of supporters in Europe and North America, the best example perhaps being the U.S. Congress.

One can only hope that Bolkestein read the Journal two days before his article appeared. There he would have found, perhaps to his delight, an opinion piece by ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden extolling the virtues of torture, a practice that has been an important part of European culture from Torquemada to Hitler. Even better, the folks Hayden was torturing were all Muslims, just the people whose presence in Europe Frits finds so troubling...MORE...LINK

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