Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grasping White Judeofascist collaborators: far worse than non-Whites who refuse to collaborate, and perhaps worse than pompous Talmudic Jewry itself

(by Chris Moore) -- I think the vast majority of traditional, properly Christianized Whites have tremendous common sense, and would have been perfectly capable of preventing the insanity that has afflicted and overtaken this country and its policies but for two factors: Zionist Jewry and its White collaborators.

Of the two, it’s hard to know which to blame most, because the Jews are merely being Jews, as they always have been, but the White collaborators broke every taboo of traditional Christianity and Western civilization by first acquiescing to, and then joining, the Jewish agenda, which history instructed us is the most poisonous, toxic and fatal of them all.

The failure, as I see it, is of a very narrow subset of Whites, particularly certain elite Anglo Whites who themselves harbored Royalist, Jew-like pretensions, and were thus eager to prove how superior they were to their fellow Whites by scratching their way to the top, which was achieved by doing deals with the devil.

Hence, I don’t think average Whites are so much victims of their compassion as they are victims of the superior pretensions and greed a very narrow subset of their fellow Whites who are willing to collaborate with organized Jewry, and who can be found on both the left and the right.

I think the ass-kickings the Founders delivered to the Royalists should have been delivered to all Whites who got too uppity, money-hungry, and “Jewy” through the course of American history, but they weren’t. That’s one place where we went wrong, not so much in our Christian compassion to outsiders, which has always been reasonable, but in our failure to hold greedy, easily corrupted segments of “Jewy” Whites to accounts, and hence allowed them to pamper, cultivate, and enable a poisonous enemy within in order to enrich themselves.

These money-hungry Whites, some of whom still attempt to pass themselves off as Christians, are the strain that is responsible for the systematic displacement of Christian moral authority with that of the Jewish, and with the systematic destruction of the country and its people.

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere that you can’t trust those of your fellow race simply because of the color of their skin, and that many people of darker hues unwilling to collaborate with organized Jewry and its agenda are more trustworthy than certain Whites who are; indeed some individual Jews unwilling to collaborate with the organized Jewish agenda (under whatever left-right guise) may be more trustworthy than this brand of low-cunning Whites who are.

Nearly all of America's problems today flow from that "original sin" not merely of Talmudic Jews being Talmudic Jews, but of their Gentile collaborators making a free will decision to sell out their fellow ethno-cultural kin, and in the process, sell out Christianity, and consequently humanity itself -- all because they wanted to "prove" their elite pretensions and pamper and luxuriate themselves.

White Judeofascist collaborators deserve no Christian mercy; indeed, they're the enemy of Christian mercy, so should have the same ruthless Jewish ethics that they so lovingly cultivated applied to them.

Judeofascist-collaborating American Whites who fancy themselves as of royalist caste: deserving of the kind of ass-kicking the Founders delivered to the cheeky Royalist Brits

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