Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who's REALLY to blame for the decline and fall of Western civilization? The Judeofascists and their collaborators

(By Chris Moore) -- Steve McCann over at the neocon American Thinker attempts to blame Barack Obama for the decline and fall of Western civilization.

The truth is, Europeans, White Americans, and traditional Christians have been systematically socially engineered into their decline by Judeofascists and their mostly White collaborators, including Judeo-Christian Zionists, neocons and leftists, (with Obama as a mere figurehead of the last).

It has been a deliberate, Soviet-like process of engineered demoralization and alienation (primarily by using Big Government and its many mechanism, but also mass media, Hollywood, porn, open borders, degenerate Mammonite capitalism and its Globalist agenda, etc.) designed to break “anti-Semitic” Western civilization (or, as Donald Rumsfeld would have it, "old Europe") and replace it with Zionist command and control.

The Judeofascists and their collaborators are today attempting to do the same to Islamic civilization.

But now, the coalition has taken on too many enemies, and is going to end up paying a heavy, heavy price for its Judas treachery. And as large as the coalition superficially seems, the truth is that although highly toxic, its vanguard and hierarchy (which can be loosely defined as hard Zionist and neocon-neolib, but with the ability to pull the strings of both American statist-liberalism and factions of the Right) comprise a very small number of Americans, perhaps under 5%, whose authority, although widely spread by fiat of government control, is not at all deep.

The fall of Judeofascism and its collaborators can’t come soon enough, and is actually crucial to the task of restoring, re-invigorating, and saving America and Western civilization, as the Judeofascist parasite is fast consuming the host.

Can the West be saved? Only if the ear-whispering, two-faced, double-dealing, back-stabbing, well-poisoning, subversive Judeofascist-coalition is quickly removed does it even stand a chance.

Until it is removed, its chances are zero.

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