Friday, July 22, 2011

Crypto-Zionist to the core, even among left-wing "antiwar leaders": Self-serving Jew Todd Gitlin poisons the anti-war movement

Former ‘Antiwar’ Leader Shills for Obama

Unwanted advice from Sixties leftover Todd Gitlin
( -- by Justin Raimondo --

The last person we need to hear from on the state of the antiwar movement is surely Todd Gitlin, the has-been "New" Left leader now a college professor of something-or-other. After all, it was none other than Gitlin, in the run up to the invasion of Iraq – and the biggest antiwar demonstrations since his own heyday – who took to the pages of Mother Jones magazine and criticized the antiwar movement for not "rebuking" Saddam Hussein. He was appalled at the signs at antiwar rallies calling for "No Sanctions" and "No Bombing." Sure, the sanctions were "a humanitarian disaster for the country’s civilians," wrote Gitlin, but –echoing the claims made by Washington – he averred that the Iraqi government "bears some responsibility for that disaster." This was nonsensical back then, and it is even more so now that we know there never were any "weapons of mass destruction," as the US government claimed, and therefore no justification for the sanctions.

And what, pray tell, would an "antiwar" movement that refused to oppose bombing amount to, exactly? What universe is Gitlin living in? The same universe he’s living in today – one in which a former antiwar "leader" has turned into a cheerleader for "liberal" imperialism of the sort practiced by his hero, Barack Obama. This is clear from the content of his latest screed, a tract purporting to explain why the antiwar movement is in the doldrums...

Gitlin lists all the reasons the antiwar movement might be losing fuel – a volunteer army, the "unpleasantness" of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, the economic downturn – except the primary one: a Democrat is in the White House. Not just any Democrat, mind you, but one elected with the enthusiastic support of the party’s "progressive" base, whose inauguration was hailed even by the far-left Workers World Party (WWP) as "historic."

I mention Workers World because Gitlin has been pursuing a vendetta against them since the Bush era, when they led some of the biggest antiwar demonstrations in this country. These were the "left-wing sectarians" he attacked in his Mother Jones piece – and yet he and the Workers Worlders have much more in common than either is capable of imagining. Gitlin hailed Obama’s election triumph — as did Workers World newspaper: "The election victory of Barack Obama will go down in history as a triumphant step forward in the struggle against racism and national oppression in the U.S." WWP honcho Larry Holmes exulted in the "elation" and "feeling of liberation" evoked by Obama’s victory: "The feeling on the streets of cities large and small across the U.S. on election night was that now, anything is possible, and it is."

Both the "left-wing sectarians" and the oh-so-reasonable "moderate" Gitlin wound up promoting the same story line: Obama kicks ass, new era begins!

After a year of Obama-ism, while Gitlin was over his "sorely needed moments of exulting and exhaling," and somewhat disappointed on a few minor points, he was still largely satisfied with his hero’s performance. No mention was made, in this piece for the "Progressive Book Club," of the President’s steady escalation of the twin wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which were well underway.

Now he pops up in Salon, the online repository of limousine liberalism, full of unsolicited advice, basically blaming conditions outside anyone’s control for the complete self-dissolution of the former "antiwar" movement. A more self-interested, self-exculpatory and utterly dishonest screed was never written...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The Jewish Todd Gitlin is the author of The Chosen Peoples: America, Israel, and the Ordeals of Divine Election, a book about the “unbreakable” ties between the United States and Israel.

Gitlin is, and always has been, a double agent working for the subversive Zionist agenda, which back in the 60’s masked itself as an “antiwar” and “civil rights” movement, and used hard leftism as its Trojan horse, not unlike the Bolsheviks.

Liberals need to come to terms with the fact that statist-leftism when mixed with “liberals” like Gitlin is nothing but a murderous, ideological Zionism-serving racket, and has always been.

Why do you suppose George Orwell named the pseudo-“opposition” and “revolutionary” double agent actually working for Big Brother and the Party in his novel 1984 'Emanuel Goldstein'?



A subversive, self-serving, crypto-Jewish supremacist from the very beginning? "60's radical" Todd Gitlin now goes to bat for the warmongering, limousine liberal, Zionist Jews who own the Democrat Party.


Anonymous said...

That's not Todd Gitlin pictured above, it's SDS founder Al Haber, who has a very different position than Gitlin on all the issues discussed above.

Chris Moore said...

Thanks. Picture removed.

Anonymous said...

Todd Gitlin is David Horowitz with.less hair. A boomer Jew "radical" turned apologist.for.the baby.killing Entity. How fucking banal..And, an academic..Another fearless warrior..Draft-dodging odious piece.of shit dreams.of shiksa setlles for.mass murdering Palestinians.