Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Newsweek just another mainstream media, Zionist-propaganda rag

Newsweek Covers Egyptian Election...Via Israel

(FAIR) -- by Peter Hart --

Here's the headline and subhead in a Newsweek piece (7/10/11) about the Egyptian presidential election:
Egypt's Rising Power Player

Amr Moussa is on track to succeed Mubarak. And that spells danger for Israel.
Reporter Dan Ephron characterizes Moussa like this:

"long and vocal history of anti-Israel diatribes"

"his anger against Israel"

"one of Israel’s most relentless detractors in Egypt"

"He confronted Israelis at conferences and attacked them in television interviews"

"His tirades even made him the subject of a hit song"

"his longstanding dislike of Israel"

"anger at Israel is genuine"

This would be a lot more convincing if there was some rhetoric or record from Moussa that would suggest an obsessive dislike of Israel. Instead, we get one quote from him saying the peace plan was "just [an Israeli] trick to continue talking and make the cameras flash ... but there's no substance. We shall not engage in such a thing anymore."

It would be hard to argue, whatever your position, that this "peace process" has led to much in the way of peace.

Newsweek goes on on to note that opposition to the current "peace plan" is common in Egypt. That suggests Egyptians don't believe that their views were reflected by the foreign policy of their country's previous dictatorship--one that Moussa served for a decade. But readers get less a sense of that fact, and plenty of discussion of the supposed anti-Israel obsession of a leading presidential candidate...LINK

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of financial shape Newsweek is in, but I can't imagine that it is doing better than the average newspaper. The last time I picked up a Newsweek, it was noticeably thinner than it used to be.

It's pretty obvious that Americans have lost faith in the MSM, and for good reason, but where is the real alternative? There is some variety online, but for the most part, the major online outlets seem to be completely owned/run by the same types who run the MSM, if not the same exact people/corporations.

The marketplace of ideas is turning out to look a lot like Walmart.