Saturday, August 13, 2011

Despite what lefties and liberal multiculturalists claim, "Jewry" and "Zionists" are interchangeable terms -- which entirely discredits the lot

(By Chris Moore) -- Essentially claiming that anti-Zionists are actually anti-Jewish, Mark Gardner at CST cites and interesting poll that goes a long way towards confirming my position that although (largely atomized) individual Jews and even splinter Jewish groups may claim there is a difference between "Jewry" and "Zionists," it's a distinction without a difference being advanced by the politically correct left-liberal and liberal fascist establishment that doesn't want the fact that Jewry acts as "a nation within a nation" in Western states, and pursues it's own self-serving, racist, tribalist agenda at the expense of average Westerners, to enter the mass consciousness.

Why doesn't the P.C. left want the word to get out about Jewry? Because Jewry's treasonous, self-serving character completely discredits ideological multiculturalism, and demonstrates how supposedly "victim" tribal minorities not interested in assimilating into Western culture pose a major social, cultural, political and ideological threat to the assimilated Western masses, their nations, and their best interests.

Consequently, this discredits the entirety of the leftist-liberal, liberal fascist and even the neocon status-quo establishment.

Yes, it's ironic that the Zionist neocons are discrediting themselves by "outing" diaspora Jewry as a nation within a nation, but this is the inevitable outcome when one attempts to "serve two Gods."

The Jewish neocons who (accurately) insist on conflating Jewry and Zionism are simply acknowledging their Israel-first loyalties in a roundabout way -- which is actually refreshing relative to the leftists, neoliberals and liberal fascist ideological multiculturalists who insist on disingenuously papering over or censoring the inherent relationship between organized Jewry and Zionism, or the mushy-middle neocons who simply ignore the fact of Jewry/Zionist treason.

Another reason the liberal fascists seek to censor this entire issue is because they don't want the Western masses to know that they themselves are getting their strings pulled by the Judeofascists by way of organized Jewish ownership of the Democratic Party and other mainstream "liberal" and left-wing institutions.

And even though the hard left objects to the claim that it is controlled by Zionism by pointing out how Zionists regularly accuse it of anti-Semitism or anti-Jewishness, this too is disingenuous fraud.

How so? Well, here's one example: As documented, organized Jewry controls liberal fascist Barack Obama and the Democratic Party; the Communist Party U.S.A. recently endorsed Obama for a second term -- which is essentially an endorsement of ongoing control of Zionism/Judeofascism, and proof that the hard-left is totally corrupt and complicit in Jewish supremacy (and actually, always has been).

These Zionists and their offspring, literally all of them from hard-left through the multicultural liberal fascists through the neocon Right, are liars, frauds, thieves and murderers who are either knowingly evil, or live in terminal denial and delusion.

Now read the following snippet from Gardner, and tell me Jewry doesn't equal Zionism, which consequently entirely discredits Marxism, multicultural left-liberalism, liberal fascism, and neoconservatism.

A 2010 survey by Jewish Policy Research examined the real interconnection between Jews and Zionists and Israel; and showed why the border between hatred of Jews, Zionism and Israel can be so porous.

-72% of British Jews self-categorise as “Zionists”
-82% of British Jews say Israel plays a “central” or “important but not central role in their Jewish identities”
-87% of British Jews agree “that Jews are responsible for ensuring ‘the survival of Israel’”
-54% of British Jews who do not self-categorise as “Zionists” nevertheless agree “that Jews are responsible for ensuring ‘the survival of Israel”...

These figures demonstrate the hurt that is caused to ordinary Jews when “anti-Zionists” push their dehumanised and demonised perversions of the word “Zionism”. This is done by everyone from Marxists to Nazis to Jihadis: but it can also seep into mainstream media, including the Guardian’s Comment is Free (CiF) website.
Now you can see, people, why it's going to take an epochal shift in consciousness to free ourselves from the Judeofascist string-pullers and their far-left through neocon Right (and even Judeo-Christian Zionist "conservative") partisans and useful idiots.

Hand-wringing half-measures and whitewashing will simply not suffice. The various corrupted institutions and corporations of the Judeofascist-connected Ponzi scheme are carving up Western civilization and each of its individual countries to feather their own narcissistic nests, and will continue to do so until country after country collapses, and the civilization itself withers and dies.

Yes, that doesn't portend well for any of the individual corporations or institutions themselves, or the long term interests of their individual Gentile members, but such is the folly of mass delusion, mass narcissism, and mass soul-selling.

And of course, diaspora Jewry has nothing to worry about because it has its nuclear-armed, Jewish supremacist safe-haven in Israel which it has systematically been securing, expanding upon and enriching through Israel-first wealth transfer and wars, and organized Jewish plunder of Western resources for decades, and to which it is planning to flee.

Why, no doubt by the time the Western collapse is fully under way, even the "anti-Zionist" diaspora Jews (and for sure, the left-wing racket ones who insist on discrediting the conflation of "Jewry" and "Zionism" for self-serving, self-enriching ideological purposes) will have fled to Israel with their tails between their legs, leaving their useful idiot Gentile "comrades" to whatever horrendous fate awaits them.


Anonymous said...

The multicultural, universalist or leftist Jews are not much different than Zionist Jews, and are easily the more dangerous of the two groups. Both groups are savage tribalists. The "anti-Zionists" are worse because they view the world as their own private Zion, and are much more vicious and divisive than their Israeli counterparts. What would Israel be without the diaspora? What would the diaspora be without the ability to divide peoples in their chosen Zions? How many universalist Jews aren't race hustlers at heart?

Chris Moore said...

"The multicultural, universalist or leftist Jews are not much different than Zionist Jews, and are easily the more dangerous of the two groups."

I would have to agree. The diaspora “liberal” Jews can hide their vicious tribal fascism behind all manner of left-wing platitudes and liberal slogans, and institutions, whereas the Israeli Judeofascists have a much more difficult time concealing their nature and character, particularly in the age of the Internet.

This is why I advocate the existence of Israel as a place where the Judeofascists, on account of their wicked, warlike machinations, should be isolated, but simultaneously advocate and cheer for Palestinian rights, and the isolation and disarmament of Israel.

Let the Judeofascists have their Israeli ghetto, and not much more.