Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liberal fascist Dem extracts pound of flesh from bankrupt American taxpayers as tribute to Judeofascist state

Robbing Peter to Pay Israel

( -- by Josh Ruebner --

Nearly 20 percent of the constituents of Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) live under the poverty line, and nearly 15 percent are unemployed. Jackson’s congressional district, covering parts of the south side of Chicago and its southern suburbs, has been hit harder than many others by the crises plaguing the economy. Many of his constituents are looking at even more cutbacks in social services, higher prices for food and fuel, and ever scarcer jobs.

During this August congressional recess, Rep. Jackson, Jr. should be at home, meeting with constituents and proposing to them how he will help them cope with their difficult circumstances. Instead, the politician is proudly gallivanting around Israel, in one of three separate congressional delegations heading there this month on all-expense-paid junkets organized by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), a so-called charitable affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most influential of the myriad pro-Israel lobbying outfits.

In total, 81 representatives, nearly one-fifth of the entire House, will participate in these jaunts, which, according to The Washington Post, include "a round-trip flight in business class for lawmakers and their spouses (that alone is worth about $8,000), fine hotels and meals, side trips, and transportation and guides."

Of course, these congressional delegations are not all fun and games. Members of Congress will be expected to sing for their lavish dinners by honoring President Bush’s 2007 pledge to provide the Israeli military with $30 billion of ta-payer-funded weapons between 2009 and 2018. So far, proposed increases in military aid to Israel have been spared from the budgetary chopping block by President Obama and a compliant Congress that treats Israeli militarism as more sacrosanct than medical care for seniors. This despite the fact that Israel misuses the funds, in violation of the Arms Export Control Act, to commit human rights abuses against Palestinians living under its illegal 44-year military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

According to, constituents in Illinois’ 2nd congressional district will be asked to cough up an astonishing $53 million in federal taxes as their pound of flesh for the Israeli military during this 10-year period...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

The post-Christian equivalent of religious charlatanism is the Big Government Ponzi scheme -- and organized Jewry, which pioneered this massive swindle with its Marxism (just as it has pioneered so many other epic swindles) demands and is paid tribute from the players on both the Left and Right.

That’s what this bi-partisan pilgrimage to Israel by Marxists, liberal fascists and neocons is all about: tribute to the Judeofascist keepers of secrets of the temple -- “secrets” that are in truth the architectural blueprints of one huge, ageless Ponzi scheme built upon theft, treachery and mass murder by charlatans and false prophets -- both “secular” and “religious.”

How long have the Judeofascists and their collaborators and useful idiots been at war with true Godliness?

Verifiability, at least since Jesus. Yet there were already hints of their monstrous character in the Old Testament.

The Greco-Roman-Christian West kept these Judeofascists at bay, and achieved a large measure of Godliness on its own merits, yet we have been coasting on the fumes of that achievement for quite some time, and perhaps began to sputter to our current precipice of the moral abyss in the colonial era.

Perhaps the only way we’ll ever “get our groove back” is if we slap these Judeofascists and their Left-Right collaborators back to their rightful lowly status as enemies of Godliness once again, and hopefully once and for all.

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