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Treasonous Israel-firsters not only corrupted U.S. government...but are a BRANCH of corrupted U.S. government

The Israel Project and US Congressmen

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1. By now lots of you have read articles like this one about how abut 1/5 of the entire US congress is visiting Israel this month to get their marching orders. As our economy tanks completely and we remained mired is at least 6 stupid wars all of them illegal, 1/5 of our so-called representatives have the time and money to go to racist little Israel to suck up to the Jewish State. No doubt they will all make private pledges to increase aid to Israel to help settle the housing situation that Israeli Jews have been bitching about lately. Fuck them, but I digress.

But I want to look at these Congressional pilgrimages to Israel from a slightly different angle. The situation is much worse than you think. Much worse.

Here is what Congressman Steny Hoyer (Likud, Maryland), the leader of the Democratic trip to Israel, was up to today in Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem, Aug 9 – Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives on Tuesday urged a delegation of visiting ambassadors to vote at the United Nations according to their democratic values instead of voting reflexively against Israel.”

What the fuck? He’s talking to UN Ambassadors? And he is in Jerusalem leading an AIPAC-funded (actually US taxpayer funded as you will see below) trip to give Netanyahu a political blow job – and he has time to also work for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Isn’t that Hillary Clinton’s job?...

The Israel Project. You see it is not just the AIPAC “charity” called the American Israel Education Foundation that is involved in the Democrats’ (soon to be followed by Republicans) whoring for Israel, there is a second outfit involved. Don’t worry goys and girls both outfits are tax-deductable charities in the United States.

The Israel Project has brought 19 UN ambassadors to Israel and has Steny Hoyer lecturing to them about how they need to vote against Palestinian statehood in the fall at the UN. Steny Hoyer is doing Israel’s work for them and he claims, and I’m sure this is true, that he is speaking for a good 400 US congressmen.

I’ve written about the Israel Project before, but I think it is high time this outfit got a little more exposure.

Here is their website. Give it a good read since you pay for it. The site claims that it is just about getting out facts and is “not affiliated with any government. “

Really? Sounds like Zionist Bullshit to me.

Here’s a link to their “Key” staff page. You’ll note that it has key staff in exactly two cities, Washington and Jerusalem.

Let’s take a look at one or two of their main staff in Jerusalem. Hell, let’s start with the Executive Director for TIP in Jerusalem, a charming fellow named Marcus Sheff. Here’s a sample from the on-line bio for this guy:

“As a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Sheff was a prominent spokesperson for the IDF during the second Intifada and the Lebanon War. Today, he trains senior IDF officers in media skills...

How about the founder of TIP? That would be Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi.

“Mizrahi meets regularly with top Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Ambassador Michael Oren, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon and many others. She also works frequently with pro-Israel organizations including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish federations, Jewish community relations councils and Hillel organizations.”

This is also somewhat interesting.

“Mizrahi previously served as a foreign affairs legislative assistant to the U.S. Congress. She studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has degrees in International Relations and Judaic Studies from Emory University. Her work earned her recognition as a “Point of Light” by President H. W. Bush. Mizrahi also has been honored with the Louis D. Brandeis Award by the Baltimore Zionist District. The Forward newspaper has twice listed Mizrahi in its “Forward 50″ most influential Jews in America. “

So many TIP staff and board members have such interesting bios. Please take some time out to read them and enjoy how unaffiliated all of them are with any government in anyway whatsoever even though they endlessly lobby for the Israeli government, often served in its military, and seem to have only one interest in the world, Israel.

But it gets even worse. Much worse. You see, TIP doesn’t just have its board members and key staff members, it also has an advisory board. That board also is completely unaffiliated with any government whatsoever. That’s right, no affiliation at all. None. Goys and girls, I present to you the names and faces of all of the members of TIP’s advisory board taken from TIP’s website...

In fact, the advisory board has grown quite a lot in the past two years. When I wrote about TIP back in 2009 it only had 22 congressman and senators and now it has a total of 37. The Zionist Lobby is indeed a growth industry, but of course is unaffiliated with any government. I like how 15% of the US Senate is on TIP’s advisory board.

It’s bad enough that the Zionist Lobby controls the government, but it is even worse when members of the government are themselves actually part of that lobby...MORE...LINK

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