Friday, August 05, 2011

From mesirah to sharia, the balkanization of the West continues at behest primitive tribalists their stunted, anachronistic, backward way of life

Mesirah is alive and well in Brooklyn

(Occidental Observer) -- by Kevin MacDonald --

Writing in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post, Michael Lesher, an Orthodox Jew, argues that the city should not be giving money ($130,000) to street patrols manned by Orthodox Jews in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods (“Orthodox Cops: Separate and Unequal“). Lesher’s article comes in the wake of a kidnapping and murder of Leiby Kletzky, a Hasidic boy, by an Orthodox Jewish man. He points out that “Leiby’s disappearance was only belatedly reported to the police, and that a privately run, Orthodox Jewish ‘patrol’ called Shomrim reportedly had video evidence that went unused during the crucial hours before the murder, while untrained Jewish laymen tried to handle the investigation themselves.”

Lesher notes such groups “all too often driven by religious proscriptions to keep their community’s crimes out of the public eye.” In other words, the groups operate by the code of mesirah in which it is a forbidden to inform on Jews. But of course Lesher is himself violating mesirah by loudly blowing the whistle on his fellow Jews. He has been very courageous in performing this public service. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

Mesirah reminds me of the Islamist drive for sharia law in the West.

Let’s face it: trying to force Zionists or Islamists to assimilate into Christendom and Western enlightenment is like mixing oil and water, and just asking for trouble, conflict and treachery.

The Jews have their state. The Muslims have multiple states. At this point, there’s absolutely no reason that Zionists or Islamists need dwell in the West.


Chu said...

I would think that NYPD was only happy enough to cede authority to these orthodox 'protector' Shorim. Most of them are a pain in the fucking ass.

Why they need a separate police force is to separate their crimes from the public eye, as the article states. There was a rabbi a few years back who raped his daughter. He actually acted as lawyer on his behalf. total nutjob...

Check out Borough Park urban growth stats in Brooklyn. It's one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, in order to accommodate the large orthodox families that are dwelling in kings county.

Some of the yeshivas practice Israel first policy - It's like a madrassa. Phil and crew could expose this, but they hold off on the root of where you get so many of these Jewish crazies in the media come from (i.e. david horowitz, etc.). They're not from Israel, they grew up in Brooklyn.

Chris Moore said...


The reason Weiss and the lefties over at Mondo have pulled back a little on their criticism of domestic Jewry is because they are committed to Israel's destruction, and they are simultaneously committed to multi-culturalism inclusive of Jewry in America and the West. They also want Jewry to take up its old role as spearhead of Marxism.

Liberals and even fascists who don't understand or are hostile to the concept of Christianity and Greco-Roman thought, ethics and action as a basis of Western civilization, or who are hostile to the concept of Western civilization in the first place, simply don't get it, and don't want to.

We've all seen the Judeofascists in action. If allowed in the West, the only force that will keep them at bay is a totalitarian government that must and will subjugate us all -- and one that sooner or later will again end up operating at the Judeofascist’s behest just as did the murderous early Soviet Union, and just as has the Zionized current U.S. government.

Weiss and the others just can't accept the innate fascism in authentic Jewish doctrine, dogma, and world view, and that it needs to be contained in Israel. And they can't accept the implication of this fact in terms of the viability of neo-Marxist multiculturalism.

Weiss needs to grow up, but may be too impacted by Jewish thought and instinctive, tribal-preserving denial to ever face reality and do the right thing, and like other Christian-hating or Christian-ambivalent lefties, (particularly Jewish ones) would rather see wholesale destruction than accept and concede the key role of Christianity in Western and human evolution.

People who refuse to face reality are a waste of time in terms of human progress, which ironically includes most "progressives” (not to mention a lot of Judeo-centric or Judeofascist sympathetic conservatives).