Saturday, August 06, 2011

Enemy inside the gates: Overwhelming evidence Jewish Zionists in Israel and America orchestrated 9/11

Did Israel’s Mossad Do 9/11?

Real Zionist News -- by Nathanael Kapner --


Chris Moore comments:

So much for the advisability and long-term prospects of ideological multi-culturalism, Judeo-Christian Zionism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism, and liberal state capitalism -- all of which informed us we could trust organized Jewry as allies and partners, all of which have promoted Judaics into the highest offices and institutions in the land, all of which have rolled over and acquiesced as the Judeofascists have raped, plundered, attacked and subverted America, all of which stand there and pretend its raining as the Judeofascists repeatedly spit in the country's face, and all of which have revealed themselves as ethically, morally, and now even financially bankrupt cowards and fools who have stood by and watched as America has gone down the tubes, and many of whom have actually joined the Judeofascists in the plunder and savaging...with 9/11 as merely one more slap in the face in a long term Judeofascist assault on Western civilization.

What to make of an American establishment that allows a hostile, vicious, terrorist elite and enemy inside the gates to dish out this kind of abuse year after year?

The most important lesson is not simply that it is totally corrupt and beyond any possibility of redemption, which it is, but more importantly, that it is weak, and all the other competing countries and civilizations around the world can see it.

And not only that, but other hostile tribalists and ethnic gangsters who have no intention whatever of assimilating into the American melting pot or the post-tribal, Western ethic from La Raza to the Black Caucus can see it, too. And nothing encourages a feeding frenzy like a little blood in the water.

If America is ever to recover, the Judeofascists and their corrupt, weak and stupid useful idiot collaborators must be dealt with first and foremost, and made an example of -- if for no other reason than to keep international competitors and domestic opportunists and other primitive, tribal aggressors at bay.

American and Greco-Roman-Christian civilization, glory, accomplishment and ethics can once again be restored, but they most overcome their most complex, tenacious, serpentine and challenging enemy first...the one inside the gates and the corridors of power that pretends to be an ally.

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