Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Holocaust survivor laments Jewish fascism in Israel, but seems unaware of Judeofascism’s own role in the Holocaust


Chris Moore comments:

Interesting take from Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer on Jewish fascism in Israel, and how it is comparable to Nazism.

He also has an interesting perspective on Jesus: "The Jewish idea of how to treat a foreigner, how to treat a servant, which is in the Old Testament, was taken up by nobody less than Jesus Christ, who was the last of the great Jewish prophets. The prophets in the old tradition wanted to stress the ethical content of Judaism, and so there is reason enough to be proud. And what is happening now in Israel towards the Palestinians is exactly the opposite."

The first half of the video is a narrative of Jewish ethics and their relationship with the Jewish experience at the hands of the Nazis, the second half is a narrative of the Palestinian experience at the hands of the Zionists.

Unfortunately, the narrative omits the treatment of dissidents, opposition groups, the White Guard confederation and its partisans, Cossacks, Christians, Ukrainians, and millions of others murdered or terrorized at the hands of the Jewish banker-financed Jewish Bolshevik and Stalinist coalition in the Soviet sphere years prior to the Holocaust, which was decisive in terms of why Jewry was treated the way it was, and why those unfortunates seen as potential Judeofascist Bolsheviks or their allies were targeted as threats as well, in Nazi Germany.

Jewish history (and even modern world history) makes no sense with the omission of stubborn and enduring Judeofascism; once Judeofascism is accounted for (the rejection of which the best of the Jewish prophets on their good days, culminating in the sublime and ultimate morality of Jesus Christ, were angling towards in fits and starts) -- then Jewish history and its attendant aggression and consequential tragedy for both Jews and non-Jews makes perfect sense.

Just like the 9/11 inside job, Jewish neoconservatism and Democrat liberal fascism and their perpetual Mideast wars, all the pieces fit so long as we're allowed to examine the full picture (as shattered and far flung as the pieces may be). But so long as we're kept in blinders and forced to omit the Judeofascism angle, it all remains shrouded in mystery, or a totally distorted picture, at best.

Why do both the contemporary establishment Left and Right (and even self-styled "Judeo-Christians") insist on keeping us fitted with blinders? Because all are complicit in the post-Christian and post-Western Judeofascist agenda and its crimes against humanity, and implicated in its (and their own) ongoing crimes against our countries and our civilization.

WWII, the Holocaust and the "fall" of communism were not the end of an epoch because the full history and all of the malefactors contributing to those events, ideologies and tragedies were never addressed and held accountable, but rather papered over and ignored, and Marxism and Judeofascism are still with us, and burrowing away from both the liberal-fascist Left, the neocon Right and the Judeo-Christian Zionist Right.

They may all be separate ideological currents with little more than Jewish crossover, but their dishonesty, deceit, subversiveness and self-serving treachery are all manifest -- and insufferable for anyone interested in truth.

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