Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Judeofascists and their White collaborators: instigating race wars and racial conflict designed to destroy the West

(By Chris Moore) -- The Occidental Observer has a disturbing article on “The MSM Blackout of Rampaging Blacks” discussing recent rampant Black rioting, wilding, and criminalism, and featuring the following photo with this caption:

“Humiliation: A young man is forced to strip to his underpants in the street, having apparently already handed his t-shirt and trainers to a looter. There were unconfirmed reports last night of victims being made to strip in Deptford, south London, and in Birmingham”Looking at this photo of a young White man being humiliated at the mercy of a Black thug, one can easily hear a leftist or left-liberal responding: “Well, Whites humiliated Blacks for centuries. It’s the White people’s turn to be humiliated.”

It occurs to me that because Judaism believes in and advocates generational guilt and grievance, the Jewish Marxists engineered a left-wing system wherein today’s Whites are to be held accountable for the sins of their forefathers, hence today's Whites and Christians are to be terrorized and destroyed for "their" historical anti-Semitism, racism, and slavery from an era where that was the status quo, and still is in most of non-Western civilization, including the blatantly racist and Jewish supremacist Israel.

And of course, organized Jewry was intricately involved in the slave trade, these left-wing machinations and shakedowns originated out of the Jewish racket wherein Jewry seeks to emotionally blackmail and wring Whites, Christendom, and Western civilization for all its worth by perpetually harping on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust ™ and all their other victim-shtick narratives (which were all actually a consequence of Judeofascist machinations and aggression to begin with).

What's happened today is that this Jewish template of establishing generational guilt, institutionalizing "compensation" and “payback” at the cost of people who had nothing to do with the original sins, and engineering a sense of grievous entitlement, having been adopted by the left, is now manifest in Western society.

This is yet another example of how not only organized Jewry and leftists, but Whites with an iota of tolerance for these vile Judeofascist machinations, including "conservative" Judeo Christian Zionists, are not only destroying Christianity, Western civilization, and White continuity, but also inciting race wars, and deliberately stirring enmity between the races -- all as a manifestation of the Jewish vision and "ethic."

To be sure, the secular Black culture of criminalism, tribalism, and anarchy that has been encouraged by post-Christian liberalism bears its share of the blame, but these Jewish machiavellians and their White collaborators who have either engineered or acquiesced to this Jewish-incited culture of violent racial resentment, entitlement, and grievance are pure poison, pure evil.

Take a long, hard look at that photo above, imagine your issue being the one at the mercy of that Black thug, and try to tell me there's no justification for an all out political, social and cultural war against the Judeofascists and their collaborators.


One interlocutor on the item above suggests that White "guilt has nothing to do with Jews. It has always been in white people going back thousands of years. Consider Medieval Christians that starved, whipped themselves and wore hair shirts as self punishment for their sins. Lets be honest, feeling guilty is a fetish for many white people and it always has been. Jews and other “minorities” just take advantage of it.”

Allow me to propose an alternative view — that these Christians were attempting to whip the Jew out of themselves.

Because let’s face it, for all but the best of us, metaphorically speaking, a grasping, scheming, covetous, tribalist, greedy, warlike, filthy little Jew dwells within, constantly whispering in our ear, bidding us into treachery and vice, not unlike a heroin dealer or some other kind of vile pusher.

For shorthand, let’s just call this Jew-within “temptation” and “sin,” as the medieval Christians did.

Medieval Christians were attempting to purge that filthy Jew, temptation and sin, from body, mind and soul, and would also necessarily literally purge Jewry, the medium for these evils, from their midst.

The brilliance of Jewry’s modern, post-Holocaust approach was to instruct as that our instincts to purge had nothing to do with rejecting the essence of Jewry, but rather to punish ourselves for sins against Jewry and other “victims” of Christianity and Western civilization like the Black thug engaged in robbery above. Hence, in a brilliant, judo-like, socio-political move, employing a self-serving interpretation of history (one that ignored the Jewish Bolshevik and Stalinist holocaust and exaggerated the Nazi “Holocaust“) as well as employing other various Jewish-serving ideologies and intellectual movements, they convinced us to self flagellate for their benefit instead of against them and their scheming, low cunning “vision” of existence.

Hence, in this alternative view, recovery can only come if we direct the whip hand back towards its original intended malefactor — wicked Jewry itself, and its ear whispering, serpentine ways that enable its own and other racketeering “vulnerable” minority criminalism — and thrash it out of Western civilization once and for all.


“White advocates” who insist on White tribalism and its inevitable internecine White-on-White enmity are far closer to the Jewish ethic and its tribalistic nature than are authentic Christians — and are fools because they play right into the hands of the ultimate and most ancient, machiavellian tribe of them all.

If Whites think they can fracture and still compete with Jewry, they’re finished.

They need a unifying principle, which is actually a dual principle, and with it, purging Jewry will be almost child’s play.

That duel principle is Christianity and Western civilization, joined at the hip, and insurmountable if unleashed.

Honestly, does anybody really believe these Black rioters and their Jewish string-pullers would have ever seen the light of day if we still had an authentically Christian and committed Western civilization identity?


I think the key is comprehending Western civilization as a confluence of Christianity, Greco-Roman thought and discipline, and White individualism and self-accountability.

I can understand why White nationalist purists would resent Christianity, and why Christian purists would resent White nationalists, and how this “purity” principle inevitably leads to conflict.

Perhaps what we all should “give” a little on and agree to agree upon is that we all need to have a Western civilization consciousness and even identity to preserve both Whites and authentic Christianity.

I think most Christians would go for that. But would most White nationalists?

As I’ve noted before, Hitler hated the concept of Western civilization for some of the same reasons listed by purist White nationalists. But Hitler failed. And it's possible and even likely that his inflexible purity principle made it inevitable that he would fail.

I think White nationalists need to acknowledge that the worst enemies of the White race (be they Jews, commies, left-liberals, or money-worshipping globalists) have all either systematically targeted Western civilization (even in concept) for termination, or in the case of the globalist Right, acquiesced as Jewry and atheistic lefties waged war against it.

This puts Hitler in bad company.

As I see it, it’s time to bury purism so we can unite behind the concept of Western civilization, which is perhaps our last chance and last hope of the kind of unity necessary to even compete.

Fractured, we’re finished. We don’t have the demographics. We don’t have the trust, We don’t have the unity.

But with a united vision to rally behind, one that can’t be easily caricatured and ridiculed into oblivion, we at least stand a fighting chance against the Judeofascist, liberal fascist, Marxist and globalist spectre.


bravetruth said...

from the LAT comments that was edited:

Joe Poe at 8:59 AM August 09, 2011
First, let me get my foot in the door -- I'm from a poor fascist dictatorship. I love the freedom you offer! You celebrate diversity! In Zimbabwe we do not! Next give me a job; I'll work hard! Hmmmm....I'm tired of working hard; think I'll go on the dole; we don't have free money in Zimbabwe! We don't have blonde women either! Thank you! Next -- allow me to blame MY inferiority on YOUR racism! If you protest, that only PROVES how racist you are! Capital idea! One thing we learned in Zimbabwe? How to destroy things! Soon, when all the English tax money is used up, England will resemble Zimbabwe! A squalid hellhole! Then I guess I'll go to Finland and ruin that country. Why do I ruin everything wherever I go? Is it possible that I actually AM INFERIOR to these people? I don't like that idea! There's no such thing as inferiority! It must be THEIR racism that drives me to violence!

Anonymous said...

The topic of Jews and race is interesting. For the most part, the American Jewish establishment justifies itself with tales of Jewish tolerance and involvement in the Civil Rights movement. I find most of the rationale to be dubious and cynical, and I see Jewish involvement in racial politics as a desire to be racial middlemen to the benefit of fellow Jews. How else does one view people who overwhelmingly supported the black cause in the U.S., while knowingly supporting far worse actions against Palestinians and others in the Middle East at the same time?

If the corrosion stopped with ethnic hypocrisy, things wouldn't be so bad. Most people are somewhat blind to their own sins, and that is forgivable. However, Jews have taken things to another level. Even when being critical of Israel, many Leftist Jews save the real venom for White America, when Gentile America has little direct responsibility for the situation in Palestine.

Knowing full well that the goals and crimes of segregation in the U.S. pale in comparison to what Israel has done for the past 60 years with almost blind support from the American Jewish community, many Jews constantly harp on America's past to partially justify what happens in Israel, or to soften the criticism of Israel. It's nothing more than a shell game. The same goes for the tendency of many Jews, Zionist and anti-Zionist, to blast the founding of America when speaking of Israel's legitimacy, without mentioning the fact that none of their ancestors came to North America to hunt and gather or live like American Indians. Neither do they mention that the U.S. was founded in a rebellion against a colonial motherland, and Israel was founded as a pure act of aggression. The blow is always softened for fellow Jews, while dragging another group into the filth with them.

Jewish writers even alter the history of the American Civil War in order to justify a side in the debate over the two-state issue in Palestine. There is no comparison, and the intent, as always, is to twist the host culture, divide the people, and to insert some form of Jewish values into the mainstream.

To deny that there is a culture war going on in the West, and to deny the Jewish presence in the war is to lie.

Chris Moore said...

It’s increasingly clear that the Judeofascist cancer has too deeply metastasized into the liberal fascist establishment (including the left -- with the Communist Party having recently endorsed Obama -- the neocons, and the Judeo Christan Zionists) to salvage itself. At this point, it’s just a waiting game for the whole rotten artifice to collapse, and important for authentic Christians, advocates of Western civilization, and Whites fed up with these Jewish-instigated race wars to begin positioning themselves to both re-take the reins of power and dole out justice to the treasonous enemies of the West.

When will it all collapse? Maybe in week, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years, maybe longer. But it’s clearly going down, yet the civilization will continue, and its important to shake off these evil malefactors once and for all so it can one day thrive again.

Anonymous said...

In light of the rioting in Britain, I wonder if we'll be hearing more or less about the shootings and bombing in Norway. My guess is that the Left has lost its straw man on the issue of multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Whites can't bear the burdens of their ancestors' crimes. By the same token, they then cannot take take the glory for their ancestors' achievements. Same with any ethnicity.

Yes, there were Jewish slave owners. One must remember, though, that Whites accepted the Curse of Ham and Talmudic teachings about blacks. They listened to "the Jew" and dove into bloody wars and racism.

Now, "the Jew" has turned coat, how can Whites look around and say "the past should have no bearing on today"? The past Whites followed "the Jew", now the present Whites are paying for it.

It isn't fair, but unless and until Whites (and blacks) acknowledge each other's flaws, it'll get worse.

White Nationalists, in particular, perpetuate racism more than any minority could. KKK and Nazis were majorities. They single-handly sullied White Nationalism with violence and blood when minorities were at their least violent.

They claim to be so smart, but they cannot realize the damage the KKK and Nazis did to Whites. Why?

Their pride will be their downfall, just like "the Jew"ish racists (complacency) and the Black racists (failure to seperate the 'Jewish' element from the white).