Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wealthy U.S. Jews conceal, enable their avaricious Zionism by buying off and corrupting liberal institutions and would-be critics

Who’s paying for Congress to summer in Israel? Liberal foundations that give halls to Princeton and Yale and fund Human Rights Watch

(Mondoweiss) -- by Philip Weiss --

The center of student life at NYU is a striking building called the Kimmel Center on Washington Square. Martin and Helen Kimmel have given NYU millions. The Kimmels also give tons of money to the Metropolitan Opera, the Museum of African Art, Habitat for Humanity, the Center for Reproductive Rights, Sidwell Friends School, and Human Rights Watch too.

Yesterday the Washington Post said that 81 congresspeople are going to Israel this summer "courtesy of the AIPAC lobby"-- as if we have the bad old right-wing Israel lobby to blame.

But that's a delusion. It's people like the Kimmels, the heart and soul of the liberal Jewish establishment. The Kimmels give bigtime to the American Israel Education Foundation, the AIPAC spinoff that funds charities and pays for congresspeople to travel to Israel. The Kimmels gave $3.5 million to the American Israel Education Foundation, or AIEF, over several recent years, according to the Form 990s that their family foundation has provided to the government.

Indeed, my search of 990s shows that the AIEF is getting tons of money from the same people who fund good liberal institutions. I've looked at about a third of more than 300 federal filings of charitable contributions to the AIEF in recent years; and the pattern is clear--many people who give to liberal causes like abortion right also pay for Israel junkets...MORE...LINK

Chris Moore comments:

It's not hard to see how or why the post-Christian, post-Western, pseudo-liberal globalist order is crumbling.

On the one hand, the Judeofascists and other self-serving, racketeering enterprises, whch are so tenacious and single-minded in their money-grubbing, end up holding most of the cards because their narcissism and lack of conscience allows them to excel in an environment of cut-throat survivalism -- to the point where they gain so much power that they can rig markets, e.g. the Jewish dominated Democratic Party, the Jewish dominated Federal Reserve, Jewish dominated Wall Street, etc.

Others have to follow suit out of survivalist necessity, which essentially poisons the entire well, and turns all against all.

In such an environment, there's really no place for individualism, because average people who don't want to enlist in this racket or that, and individuals of any kind of evolved consciousness who can see the soullessness of the institutions that have been corrupted and compromised, are left with nowhere to turn.

Meanwhile, the racketeering reptilians are allowed to run wild, because who is going to hold them accountable? Certainly not the institutions they have corrupted.

An evolved civilization can only survive so long as there is a critical mass that agrees to play by a minimum set of standards and rules governed by some kind of good will and conscience; Judeofascists and other self-serving reptilians have no standards or rules other than serving their own tribal racket (e.g. "Is it good for the Jews?") first, everyone and everything else be damned.

The only time the Jewish Zionists "give back" is when there's something in it for them, which in the case outlined above is as a means of masking their fascist enterprise and compromising these liberal institutions so they can continue their avaricious Zionism unhindered.

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