Thursday, September 08, 2011

Jewry and its collaborators' Zionist plans to rule the world from Jerusalem going up in smoke


( -- by Rev. Ted Pike --

Israel seems to only grow more unpopular. Up to 140 nations are expected to vote for Palestinian statehood in the United Nations September 20. Criticism of Israel is expected to be so intense in the U.N. that Prime Minister Netanyahu is considering not attending, sending Shimon Peres instead.

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, sent a classified cable to the Foreign Ministry last week, stating that Israel stands no chance of rallying a substantial number of states to oppose a resolution at the U.N. General Assembly recognizing a Palestinian state in September… [Israel's] Foreign Ministry sources estimate that 130 to 140 states will vote in favor of the Palestinians…A senior source at the Foreign Ministry…said that so far only five countries have promised Israel they would vote against recognition of a Palestinian state - the U.S., Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic… ‘Most western countries will not be willing to be in the hall and vote against a Palestinian state,' the Senior Foreign Ministry source said. (Haaretz)

Thirty years ago Israel savagely bombed refugee camps in southern Lebanon, annihilating 19,500 innocent people. Literally no western government criticized the Jewish state. It was apparent that Israel could commit any atrocity against the Palestinians and escape significant world judgment.

Yet today, Israel is widely condemned on the international level. There is widespread knowledge of Israel's wrenching injustice against 800,000 Palestinians in 1948, violently expelling them to concentration camps. There is also a general consensus that Palestinian occupation of a substantial portion of Israel is a necessary requirement toward peace in Palestine.

Zionist leaders never planned it this way. They thought, like Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in his January 1962 Look magazine article, that Jerusalem would almost effortlessly ascend to dominate the federated continents of the world.

International opinion against Israel now cannot be neutralized through Zionist rhetoric. Except for Christian evangelicals, blind sympathy for Israel is evaporating from most of the world—not because of “dangerous anti-Semitism,” as Israel's Foreign Minister Leiberman accuses, but because of Israel's persistent arrogance and cruelty to Arabs. Corrupted by lack of criticism for a century, the ultimate “spoiled brat” of the Middle East has lost touch with the conscience of modern society. In 1900, before Zionists arrived in Palestine, an admiring Arab world was at peace with the west. Yet after nearly a century of Zionist abrasion of the Palestinians, not only the whole Mideast but a host of nations are now disgusted with Israel. The Jewish state alone is responsible for its present PR disaster.

During John Hagee's mega conferences in support of Israel (such as his and Glenn Beck's recent “Restoring Courage” gala in Israel) he claims the present gathering of nations against Israel portends biblically predicted attempts by anti-Christ and his world armies to destroy the Jewish state. Hagee warns Bible believers to steer as far as possible from association with “satanically inspired” people and nations who “curse” God's chosen people through criticism.

Actually, I believe present worldwide resistance to Israeli/Jewish supremacism is a mighty, divine intervention. Just as God caused the chariots of Egypt to mire as the pharaoh’s armies attempted to capture the Hebrews, so God is causing “Sodom and Egypt” –Jerusalem—to founder in its schedule of world domination. I believe we are experiencing a reprieve in response to decades of intercession to Him and fearless truth-telling by many on the anti-Zionist right. God is giving America, the world, and His church at least one last chance to seek Him through repentance and revival...

“Israel-first” fanatics such as Beck and Hagee exhort the world to love Israel not because she does things worthy of love but because of a pseudo-biblical conception of Christ-rejecting Israel as “the apple of God's eye.” But the Zionist message of the evangelical right is ideologically weak. While Israel earns world condemnation by demonstrable acts of oppression and brutality toward the Palestinians, it becomes harder and harder for pro-Israel supporters to continue on the last gasoline fumes of unmerited praise.

I hope many evangelicals will begin to view Israel as other nations, which must guard their reputation with good deeds or bear the consequences. Nineties-style Israeli supremacism attempted to bluff and argue its way out of any accusation. It seemed to believe its media could hide any atrocity from the world’s notice. Yet, largely as a result of alternative media, such obscurantism is now much less possible.

This underscores the fact that education, total truth telling, legislative vigilance and faith in God—not violent revolution or “ultimate solutions”—are our best chance for stabilizing the world...MORE...LINK

Of common pedigree, the many noxious parallels between Communism and Zionism, by Chris Moore

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